Hunting that perfect Pumpkin

With the way Aflac trips work out (the state trip being 1-2 weeks prior to the national one), I think pumpkins are always going to be tricky figure out. Last year we had the same issue we did this year with deciding when to go get some! I couldn’t get over how different Kye looked in his pumpkin patch pics last year compared to this year. I remember we had to prop him up to make him stand then and now we had to chase him down to even capture a shot 🙂

This year we decided to go on a Sunday night between churches to get the pumpkins (it was the week prior to our cruise trip) but wouldn’t carve them until the day before we left for the cruise. We went up to Park Avenue Methodist Church which is the same place we went last year…it’s nice but not the prettiest location for pictures. Anyone suggest other places for me to check out next fall???

Lucky for me I had Robyn’s camera on hand (I borrowed it to download pictures from the beach…which I’ll post soon) so I took it along to get some better quality pictures of our pumpkin hunting 🙂

Right when we got there Kye raced away!

 I’m thankful he has more hair than last year, aren’t you?

 immediately wanted to climb

 love the matching face with the pumpkin behind him 😉

Last year his big fun was all about chewing on the pumpkin stems, this year Kye was all about trying to pick up all the pumpkins.

 not to sure he can manage this one 😉

 he tried to run off with their wagon too

 luckily it was a little too heavy

 MAN Kye has a hott daddy!!!

 a lady was so sweet to take a family shot of us…too bad Kye looks like he’s taking a dump

 Zach got some pretty good ones of us 🙂

 I’m wearing a dress of Nana’s and the Charlotte Charm Necklace by Stella & Dot

 doing a little pumpkin modeling for you…

 I think this is probably the picture I’ll use in next years post to compare how he looked this year to how he’ll look then 😉

 building up those muscles for the ladies

 good luck with that one son!!!

 we failed to get a good shot of our pumpkins but we got 2 little ones, one of the ones with tons of bumps on it, and a bigger one to carve…and the cute guy came separate 😉

It was a REALLY fun time at the pumpkin patch! Last year Zach got annoyed with all the picture taking but this year he embraced it and honestly I didn’t take as many (I’m getting quicker with capturing the ones I want!). We both enjoyed getting to see Kye enjoy it so much. This is what parenting is all about…getting to do fun things as a family and see the joy on your child’s face. Can’t wait to pick out a Christmas tree!!!

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