How I’d Spend an Extra $100!

One of our BIG goals is to “spend smart.” Something I’m wanting to do this year is really look closely at our spending. Little things add up. $10 hear or even $5 there over the course of a year can be some mega money! We want to look for ways to spend less and save more.

Zach recently enlightened me to the cost of razors. Y’all. I don’t buy his razors so I was totally in the dark about how crazy expensive they are!!! He told me about Dollar Shave Club and how you can get razors shipped directly to your door for only $3 a month. I looked into it and it’s legit (and I even watched the video on their homepage and it’s pretty funny!) Um yeah this is def happening and it’ll easily save us around $100 a year! You can see the blade options here!

What will I do with that $100?

“Real Life Emily” will put it towards savings. Oh that’s exciting huh? I mean I’m all about getting us closer to our goals of total financial freedom and it is fun to see the dollars add up! 

But let’s be “Pretend Emily” for a minute. $100 in my pocket to spend on whatever I want. No worries about savings. Or like stuff for other people (like Easter outfits for the kids!). $100 just for whatever I want to spend it on. 

Maybe I will treat myself to a spa day…a nice relaxing massage

Or maybe I will pay someone to deep clean my house for me. Get all those areas that I just am too lazy don’t have time to get to. 

Or maybe I will buy myself a fancy dress. You know, the kind you don’t get to wear very often but when you do you feel so glamorous in it? I haven’t owned a dress like that since my high school dance days and I’d love to have something in my closet that makes me feel like a movie star!

Or maybe I will add on a super fun Disney experience to our next vacation. I’d love to take the kids to 1900 Park Fare! 

Or maybe I will get myself some cute new luggage to use on our next getaway complete with something cute that I’d never normally buy like a passport cover or something 🙂 

Or maybe I’d get myself a subscription to some celebrity tabloid magazine! So when I get free time and am able to lay out by the pool this summer I can catch up on the Hollywood gossip that I’m completely out of touch with. 

Or maybe I’d spend it on a babysitter so I can go have lunch. I hear about this rumor that restaurants serve lunch and that many times moms who have kids in school all day are able to meet up to eat lunch together? 

That extra $100 sure is sounding fun now! Zach may have a hard time getting me out of “Pretend Emily” mode 🙂 

How will you spend your extra $100? 

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