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Many of you are already familiar with Katie Green and her blog. You also, then, know about baby Hallie and her story. Chris and Katie found out early on in this pregnancy that their newest addition has Trisomy 13. You can read more about it here.

Katie and I had due dates only a couple of weeks apart and throughout my pregnancy I have been in constant thought about Hallie. Being home with Brittlynn my thoughts on Hallie have grown even more – into prayers begging the Lord to let this wonderful family have the opportunity to hold their sweet girl. To touch her, and kiss her, and shower her in unending love. I am praying that they continue to have their unwavering faith in God and their trust in Him. I pray that they are surrounded by people who love them and that they will feel the support of all of us who are praying for them.

Katie and Chris have been such an inspiration to me and have helped remind me that we never know what’s around the next curve in life. Sometimes it’s smooth sailing, and sometimes it’s rough. Good or bad, we always have God and He will see us through. Bella and Farrah (their older daughters) are healthy, beautiful, perfect. No one could have predicted the situation they are now facing but they have not let it divide them as a family, as a couple, or as children of God.

Tomorrow is the big day when Hallie will enter our world. We have no idea how long she will be with us, but please pray that it is long enough for her family to enjoy her (I know personally I’m praying for all the dr to be wrong and for her to be 100% healthy and to live a long, full life…I know that may not be the “practical” prayer but I’ve heard of that type of thing happening so why not pray for it to happen for them?).

Something I love about our online community is how we all rally together around those in need. A facebook group has been created to leave messages of love and prayer to the Green family and as a way to keep everyone updated on Hallie. You can “like” that group here:


We are asking EVERYONE to please “share” the group on your facebook page to spread the word of prayer! 

There has also been a Paypal account set up to accept donations on Hallie’s behalf. We are hoping to raise enough money to do something special for the Green family in Hallie’s honor. I know it’s the holidays and it’s tough to part with any extra money right now but if it’s on your heart to be part of this special gift, please give. You can donate any amount and your name will be included in the card that is purchased and sent with the gift. Ideas and suggestions on what type of gift that we should all get are welcome!

You can safely donate through this button:

I know many of you have blogs and it’d be awesome if ALL of our blogs could be used as an outreach to spread the word about Hallie. It’d be a great blessing to have ALL of our readership praying for the Green family and a wonderful way to collect more donations on their behalf! If you would like to include a button on your blog for donation please contact me at deliasgoddess33(at)aol(dot)com and I’d be glad to send you the html information link for the donation button!

There has also been a meal train set up to get meals to the Green family, even if you don’t know them personally or live nearby gift cards are wonderful! Here is the link to that:


Have I overloaded you with links yet? 😉 Isn’t it awesome that so many things are in place for this family and that we have so many opportunities to show them our support? More than anything else though please pray for Katie, Chris, Bella, Farrah and especially Hallie. Also pray for their extended families during this time. They are all in this together and are so blessed to have such wonderful families to lean on. As you go through your day tomorrow think of Hallie and say as many prayers as you can!!!

The best place to be updated on things is through the Hope for Hallie Facebook Group!

Thank you in advance for spreading the word and sending up the prayers!!!

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  1. Katie Green
    January 3, 2012 / 4:55 am

    Emily, thank you again for spreading the word about Hallie. All of the prayers, messages and outreach have given us such a joy in the midst of suffering. Thank you for that.  Love you!! 🙂

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