I read all the time about toddler fears and how children at Kye’s age often become afraid of things that didn’t bother them in the past…especially the dark. Surprisingly, Kye is the exact opposite of this. He LOVES the dark!!! When we play up in his playroom he tells me “lights off” and to “mommy hide.” We get in the playroom closet (don’t worry, it’s a walk-in so we actually can fit!) with the lights off and shut the door. He thinks it’s HILARIOUS and wants to just hang out in there in the dark. I’m not quite sure what he thinks we are hiding from but he always wants poor Sadie and Levi (our dogs, they do exist!) to hide with us. Here’s our “hidin’ faces”

I tend to make myself a little hiding chill spot out of his big stuffed animals 🙂

twin faces

I’m hopeful that this hiding thing will help Kye to always be comfortable in the dark and not ever have night issues with darkness. We’ve always kept him in a 100% dark room when he sleeps and have never made a big deal out of the dark. I’m also hoping it will be good preparation for all the dark Disney World rides 🙂 Disney planning is ALWAYS on my mind these days!

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