Hidden Mickey Key

Thank you for visiting our home and we hope you’ve enjoyed the hunt for Hidden Mickeys!

Stumped? Can’t find them all? Want to see any you may have missed?

Here’s the key to all the Hidden Mickeys in our home!

Hopefully they are all still hidden in their spots, assuming no prior guests removed them 😉

Mickey 1

Location: Star Wars Bedroom in upper corner

Mickey 2

Location: Upstairs linen closet in hallway beside Star Wars room

Mickey 3

Location: Large window above front door (can be seen from 2nd story)

Mickey 4

Location: Inside cabinet in the upstairs bathroom themed with Coco poster

Mickey 5

Location: Downstairs master bedroom in the upper area of the blinds on large window facing pool

Mickey 6

Location: Beside mirror in upstairs bedroom themed in Mickey decor

Mickey 7

Location: Between window and closet in upstairs bedroom with Jungle Book theming

Mickey 8

Location: Upstairs entertainment loft area behind the end of the balcony overlooking living room

Mickey 9

Location: Upstairs entertainment loft area on the wall beside the far right corner of sectional couch.

Mickey 10

Location: Upstairs hallway on emergency lighting

Mickey 11

Location: The top of the inside of the closet in the upstairs Moana themed bedroom

Mickey 12

Location: Inside medicine cabinet in the upstairs bathroom with the bird-themed shower curtain (Tiki Room nod)

Mickey 13

Location: Upstairs hallway leading to the master bedroom, between the AC Unit storage closets.

Mickey 14

Location: Under vanity area in the upstairs master bathroom

Mickey 15

Location: Upstairs master bedroom inside one of the top drawers.

Mickey 16

Location: Downstairs sitting room at the entrance of the home. Located on the bottom of the wall in the corner, behind the bench.

Mickey 17

Location: Top corner of the top right shelving area in the dining room area

Mickey 18

Location: Inside kitchen cabinet door above microwave.

Mickey 19

Location: Sliding door area behind curtain in the living room near entertainment center.

Mickey 20

Location: Inside the top shelving cube in the living room entertainment center

Mickey 21

Location: Downstairs master bedroom closet under the hanging shelf.

Mickey 22

Location: Downstairs master bathroom at the top corner of the door in the toilet water closet.

Mickey 23

Location: Under the sink in the downstairs half bathroom.

Mickey 24

Location: Above laundry room doorframe when entering game room

Mickey 25

Location: In the game room located in garage area on the shutters (top of the farthest one on the left).

We hope you have a magical stay in our home and would love to host you again soon!

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