Happy Birthday Mom!

I typically think it would really really stink to have a birthday near Christmas. Yuck! This year though I was so thankful that Mom’s birthday is on the 27th. We ALL got to be together as a family to celebrate with her…how special is that?

We started out the morning going to church together which I really enjoyed. Kye got to wear his new shirt and vest that Uncle Brandon and Aunt Chrissy got for him!

with mommy

and the birthday Gramma!

After church we ate some chili (I was so smart to make it in advance!) and spent time together. Kye LOVED having Uncle Brandon there to push him around on his Tonka truck

this one is hilarious

We all headed out to an early dinner at Aligatu! It’s our favorite Japanese Steak House and we couldn’t wait to show it to Brandon and Chrissy! The perfect place to celebrate Mom’s birthday!





It was Kye’s first time at Aligatu too and I LOVE that he’s off of baby food! That child LOVED the food! He ate mushrooms, cucumber, fried rice, and teriyaki chicken. I was a little nervous that the show part of the evening would scare him (those chefs love to play with fire) but he didn’t fuss once. I can’t wait to go back again and again with him. I know it’ll be one of our family favorites for sure!

 watching the show


We ended the night with cake and a fun night of Tripoloy trying out Zach’s new game board (Brandon won for a change!)! The whole long weekend went so well. It was so fun to get to host everyone at our house and I just really loved having my WHOLE family together! I know with Brandon getting married this year these times may not be as often as it gets tougher and tougher to get together as we grow up and start our own families. I’m so thankful we got to have this time and make these memories as I know they will be ones none of us EVER forget!


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