Halloween 2013

Our neighborhood kicks off the trick or treating at 6:00. We invited the family to come to our neighborhood so we could all go out together! We ate a super early dinner (just the kids, Z and I decided to wait until later to eat) and then got ready to go! Our neighborhood is pretty massive so our crew just walks down one big street and a little of another street and calls it a night. We last for about an hour and really it’s PERFECT. The kids got plenty of candy and we all had our fill of fun (and my poor foot had enough walking fo sho) and everyone was able to still go do their own thing that night. Mr. Rusty and Mrs. Charlotte went on a dinner date, Casey and Jordan went to hand out candy in their neighborhood with friends, and we handed out our candy too! 

 I think Colt and Casey win for the most Halloween costume changes 🙂

Trick-or-treating is one of those things that the second child gets to experience WAY sooner than the first one did. I don’t think we took Kye legit trick-or-treating until last year? Britt is already a seasoned pro! She was SO precious following the big kids around and wasn’t the least bit shy about it all!

 SO sweet!

 The boys, of course, ran way ahead every time!

 Payton was SO sweet and patient to stay back and wait on Britt!

 We finished up our 24 Day Challenge that day and were feeling AWESOME!

 Jolee haha

The most adorable moment of the night was when Mr Rusty took over with trick-or-treating duty with Britt. She totally has a special spot in his heart and it was SO sweet watching him take her house to house. I think he enjoyed hearing everyone compliment his grandbabies 😉

Growing up I was always allowed to eat one piece of candy before bed after trick-or-treating so we allowed our kids to do the same thing. Once Britt went to bed I sorted through their candy and put about 90% of it in our give-away stash for that night. It worked out GREAT. They both had enough candy to feel like they enjoyed it, but we got rid of majority of it. I also cleared out any other candy stashes we had (Kye comes home with SO MUCH candy at school…I can’t stand it!). It allowed us to hand out candy longer AND to have less junk in the house. Win win!

Once we put Britt to bed we let Kye come out with us to hand out candy this year. It was SO FUN. He was super into it and so excited!!! He took it VERY seriously and it was cute to see him give more candy to the pretty girls haha. He was giving SO MUCH away that we ran out of candy pretty quickly so I told him to just give one piece to each person. When the next group came he still gave them a handful and he said to me “I just couldn’t give one piece, I wanted to be nice” Such a sweet boy! We let him eat a few more pieces of candy too and we talked to all the kids about their costumes! We also got to see quite a few friends and met some new ones as well. I wish I was better about knowing my neighbors!!!

Last year we made a special treat for dinner for Zach and I while we handed out candy so we stuck with the same theme this year. I LOVE my spinach and artichoke dip recipe and it’s a special treat for us for sure 🙂

We had SO much fun and were done passing out candy before 9:00! It was a great night and a fabulous way to celebrate before my big birthday the next day 😉 

On a sad note though…check out how Britt’s Tink shoes ended up by the end of all of our Halloween fun….a DIY project that was DEF not worth the time and energy!!!

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