Hahira Honeybee Festival

Typically we have plans on the weekends! It’s rare for a Saturday to come along where we don’t already have something going on. However, Zach started this little storage shed building project back in April. While it’s going to be SO NICE and he’s done an AMAZING job on it, it is also now October. It’s time for it to be finished up…we do have a baby on the way and lots of other things I’d personally liked completed before that happens ๐Ÿ™‚ So I have told Zach that I will give him all the time he needs to get it done. I will watch Kye so he can work on it. It’s tough on Zach…he works a lot at his job and now all his free time is working on the shed. It’s tough on me because while Zach’s working, I’m also working – keeping Kye – and I miss the days when he’d get home from work and we’d do 50/50 parenting rather than 100% of it on me. It’s also tough on Kye because he can see Zach working in the back yard yet can’t play with him and he misses him all day when he’s at work.

Even though it’s easier on me physically to keep Kye at the house while Zach works on the shed, it’s easier on me emotionally to just make plans to get out of the house! It’s hard to hear Kye beg for his daddy to play and he does much better with distractions! So we’ve been going and doing a LOT lately!!!

Every year our town has a festival and this year was the 30th year they held it. It’s called The Honeybee Festival. It’s hilarious that Zach has lived here for 27 years but has never been before! It’s free and literally 5 minutes from our house so I thought it’d be a GREAT thing to do with Kye on a Saturday morning so Zach could get the shed worked on. Robyn and Matt were going too so I asked them if Kye and I could tag along ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s easy to forget sometimes that we live in a small town…stuff like this event totally reminds me of that fact!!!

Right when Kye and I got there we ran into Zach’s fam! I guess Zach never goes but they always do? So random! I’m SURE Jordan had a super fun time…he’s from the Atlanta area like I am so we don’t have this type of thing up there ๐Ÿ˜‰

Colt and Payton

We met up with Robyn’s family and started walking the streets (well street) of Hahira to look at all the booths. I honestly wish I’d had more time. We LOVED going to art festivals in Melbourne and this was a similar type thing. Tons of cute stuff that would have made for great Christmas gifts!

While we were walking some random people representing a local business walked by, stuck a bucket of suckers in my kids face, and said “do you want one?” Um. RUDE! You do not ask a two year old if he wants a sucker…you ask his PARENT! Ugh! Made me so mad!!! I didn’t want him to have it but could I rip it out of his hands after they gave it to him? Of course not! Very, very rude of them that they did that!

I was annoyed, but Kye was pretty pumped

Lorelai looks like a little diva here

Robyn’s sweet sister, Laura, was down visiting from Liburn (it’s so funny their house is not 5 minutes from my childhood home!) with her son Ben so we got to have a fun time together! I think it’s so great how often Robyn and Laura see each other…my brother and I live much closer than they do to each other yet we rarely see each other. I’m sure having kids the same age makes it more of a top priority too!

group picture!

The big thrill of the morning was the horses. They had this ring set up of ponies and you could pay to ride them. To me, $5 a ride seemed steep but the guy who ran the thing let the kids ride forever so it was well worth it. Lorelai is a little horse riding pro so she showed Kye how it was done since he’d never ridden before!

waiting on Kye’s turn!

the non-riders ~ Ben and Matt

Lorelai gets her love of horses from her mom!

Kye’s turn!

My kid has never been on a horse. He not only chose to ride the tallest horse there but he also would not let me walk beside him. He wanted to do it all by himself. I’m usually not a freak-out type mom but standing there watching him slide around on that saddle and knowing that he really didn’t know what he was doing made me so nervous. I just kept envisioning him falling off and breaking a bone and me having to take my big pregnant butt to the emergency room. Luckily, he had the common sense to hold on pretty much the whole time and I only had to jump in to re-adjust him on the saddle once!

my cowboy ๐Ÿ˜‰

concentrating with that tongue

waving to the crowd (and giving me a heart attack!)

he caught on so quickly!

After the horse rides we paid for some tickets to let the kids do jump houses. I think it’s SO dumb how much they charge for a few minutes of jumping…I would have rather skipped it but when the bounce houses are HUGE it’s kinda tough to steer your kid away ya know?

Of course the first thing Kye wanted to do was climb the biggest, highest slide they had there!

While I was watching him this kid literally crawled OVER my child. His parents were standing next to me and even said “your boy better move or our kid will make him move!” Um. My kid is two. He can’t really climb up steep, slippery steps super fast. You’d think they’d have their older, wayyyy bigger kid be a little more polite! Kye didn’t mind that the kid bullied his way to the top, he just kept taking his time and making my dollar go a little further ๐Ÿ™‚

ready to slide

jump house time

one more slide down the big slide

Up next we went to see the fire truck! My kid cannot get enough of some fire trucks. We talk about them daily around here! These firemen let Kye wear the helmet and it was a crack up. He literally wouldn’t move!


much better!

Kye LOVED seeing the fire truck, and especially the firemans boots. He thought that was super neat. We then went over to a field to get some lunch. I decided Kye and I would just go home to eat so we just shared a yummy thing of shaved ice. I love me some snowcones don’t you?

I thought this was funny..he looks like a zombie!

Lorelai had a hot dog for lunch and didn’t eat most of it so Kye gladly took it off her hands

and he also helped himself to some of Mr Matt’s funnel cake

Thanks to Robyn for letting us tag along on their family tradition!

btw I’m wearing my Stella and Dot Revival Tassel Necklace

It was a fun morning and a great way to kill a couple of hours! I wished Mom had been in town to go because she would have loved it! Maybe next year we’ll be able to go again ๐Ÿ™‚ Maybe Zach will even attend for his first time ever!

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