Grubby Bubby High Chair Cover Review

If you’re a blog reader then you pretty much know I REALLY like things to be coordinated. Our family often coordinates our outfits and I buy things for my kids specifically so they will match my house…when we got pregnant with Kye our house at the time had a lot of lime green accents. I LOVED the color and we planned to stay in that house for our first two kids. I figured I’d register/buy baby things to match that house (greens and browns), use all that stuff for baby #1 and #2 then we’d move after #2 and I’d sell it all then buy new stuff to match the new house for baby #3 and #4. You know me, always the planner πŸ˜‰

This was all fine and dandy until plans changed and we ended up moving to our new house before baby #2 was even conceived πŸ˜‰ Of course our new colors aren’t browns and greens…but grays and blues. Oops! I registered for a new pack and play (since it sits out for independent playtime it totally has to match the house) but just am simply too practical to buy a whole new high chair just because our current one doesn’t match. I mean the pack and play I could justify since we travel so much it’s easier to have the brown one from our old house as the “travel” pack and play and the gray and blue one as the “independent playtime” pack and play! But a new high chair? Not justifiable!!!

See how well it matched before?

And how it totally clashes now???

Prior to Brittlynn starting on solids I went on a HUNT for a high chair cover to match our house. I contacted Chicco and couldn’t believe that they don’t sell separate covers??? Especially since the one that came on the chair isn’t even WASHABLE. Isn’t that nuts??? You’d think they totally sell replacements like crazy! I was annoyed but didn’t give up all hope. I hunted and hunted and stumbled across Grubby Bubby. Universal high chair cover that fits most any brand (they list the brands on their site, here) and is machine washable and matched our house? SOLD!!! I ordered one right away!!!

When I arrived I was nervous. I knew I planned to do Baby-Led Weaning with Britt and that cover did not look like it would come clean easily. I actually contacted the company to return it. I figured I’d sell the high chair at a kids sale and find a used one to replace it that matched the house better. When I contacted the company I ended up talking directly to the owner…I was BLOWN AWAY with their customer service!!! I ended up deciding to test it out and see if it really was as washable as it claimed to be and he offered to send me a cover to give away to one of you!!! Isn’t that exciting?!?! 

Testing it out!

YIKES…pre washing


Can you BELIEVE how clean it came?!?! Like perfectly clean. And I didn’t do anything special when I washed it. Just tossed it in with our towels and let it hang dry. I was impressed, for sure. I ended up not using it for awhile though…I only do laundry one day a week and my child was a MESSY eater so I didn’t want to be washing it every time she ate (I HIGHLY recommend purchasing an extra one or more so you can always be ready…). I saved it and only pulled it out to use when we had company over πŸ™‚ Now though that Brittlynn isn’t nearly as messy of an eater anymore I will wash it on Mondays and be able to leave it on for the entire week. I can wipe it off with a baby wipe and pretty much all of her messes come clean! It’s also WAY easier for quick clean up than the original cover as that thing gets little pieces of food in the creases and it’s impossible to get them out. So annoying!

In exchange for my review Grubby Bubby also sent me one of their bibs to try out! It’s awesome because it slips over her head (no annoying velcro), is SUPER long, and is also machine washable! I’m partial to the slick type of bibs for meals (easy to wipe/rinse clean and hang dry) but it was the PERFECT bib for Brittlynn to wear when learning to drink from the cup. The material absorbed the water well so she didn’t get soaking wet and I love the length as it prevents water from getting all over her diaper too! It will be used for sure with baby #3 when he or she is in the early spit-up stage. I can’t stand a good outfit being ruined due to baby spit up, this thing is long enough to protect it ALL!

Baby and Mommy approved!

You can learn more about the bibs here

Soooo who is ready for a giveaway??? You know you totally want a cute cover for your little one’s high chair AND one of the awesome long-length bibs! I have a brown high chair cover and a long-length dot bib to give away to one lucky reader!!! Prize Pack Valued at $49!!!

Giveaway Rules:

  • You must follow this blog in order to enter the giveaway (click on “join this site” under Blog Love on the right hand side of this page)
  • Only open to US residents as I can’t afford international shipping rates πŸ™‚
  • This giveaway will run from Saturday Oct 6th through Sunday Oct 14th. 
  • Giveaway will close at 2:00 PM on Sunday Oct 14th. Winner will be chosen using
  • I will post the winner both on this blog, on twitter, and on my facebook page. Contact me within 72 hours to claim the prize or another winner will be chosen!

You Can Enter UP TO 5 TIMES! (You don’t have to do ALL of these things, the more you do from this list the more chances you have to WIN!)

  1. Visit Grubby Bubby’s site ( then come back to the blog post and leave a comment telling me something you LOVE about Grubby Bubby! Sample Entry: “I love that the high chair covers are universal and machine washable!”
  2. “Like” both the Grubby Bubby Facebook Page ( and my Facebook page ( then come back to this post and comment letting me know you did it. Sample Entry “I liked both of your pages!”
  3. Share this blog post on your facebook page including the link of this blog entry then come back to this page and comment letting me know you did it. Sample Entry “I facebooked it!”
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I’m SO glad I found Grubby Bubby and have an awesome high chair cover that even matches my house now πŸ˜‰ I’m especially thankful that they sponsored this giveaway…who doesn’t like getting free stuff??? Can’t wait to see who wins!!! And I totally want to see pictures of the winner’s cute baby using it all πŸ™‚

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