The Great Date Experiment!

This afternoon Zach and I are going on our Valentine’s Day date! We weren’t really planning to do anything but our friends (Seth and Crissy) volunteered to watch Kye for us for a couple of hours so we’re taking advantage of it!

I read on a blog friends blog (Michelle THANK YOU!) about this idea and I LOVE IT!!! I will obviously be posting how it goes but we hope to do all 6 dates even if we don’t do them when they recommend doing them. Why not spice things up a little and do something fun and out of the norm?!?

Thought I’d share the site and maybe some of you can do it with us! Let me know what fun things result!!! I’m excited to be surprised throughout the whole evening with each little point 🙂

You can learn ALL about The Great Date Experiment here and even print out the details for Date 1. YAY!!! I will be posting details from EACH of our dates as we go on them, it may take us awhile to do them all but hey having a kid holds you back some from freedom but it doesn’t hold you back from FUN haha

Happy Early Valentine’s Day everyone!

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  1. Michelle
    February 13, 2010 / 2:52 pm

    You guys have fun! Can't wait to hear about it. It might take us six months instead of six weeks, but we will get it done. Super fun!

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