Great Date Experiment Date 1

If you didn’t see my earlier post, here is a link to the Great Date Experiment that Zach and I are participating in!

Since we had free babysitters (post to come!) we went on our Valentine’s Date on Saturday. We haven’t been on a weekend date in ages! We typically go out on a weeknight just because it’s easier for someone to watch Kye for us.

We had 5 date cards to follow and couldn’t read the next one until we completed the first one. This weeks date was ALL about communication and it was pretty fun! A couple of the things we didn’t really do, but for the most part we stuck to it!

Our first stop was dinner (yes it was only 4:00 but we ate dinner!) at Sister’s Pizza. We LOVE that place and it was cheap which is always a good thing these days. The date card said to let the person behind the counter order for you but we’re both pretty picky so we didn’t do that part of it. We did follow the rest of the 1st card which had a lot of silly questions to answer…and surprisingly we agreed on mostly everything!


finished dinner and card 1!

For the second card we were supposed to go to a meaningful place and so we decided to drive out to our dream neighborhood…Kinderlou Forest. I know that’s random but we’re thinking about selling our house next year sometime and hopefully building and are thinking that maybe, somehow we’ll be able to build in there! (keep this whole moving thing in your prayers for us…our house is too small for our desired number of children and we are praying that our house can sell in this rough market!) We saw a REALLY cool house that was opened so we got to walk through it and OMG we fell in LOVE. Here is a link to see it. It probably wasn’t the best idea to look at a house that we’ll NEVER be able to have but it was super fun and SO awesome. I called on it…I mean ya never know they could knock the price down a few HUNDRED thousand for us right?!? haha. Sadly it’s under contract! 

We had so much fun walking through the house and it made us SO excited for our next home, although we know that realistically it’ll be nothing CLOSE to this one! For the next card it said to go to a grocery store and split up then you have 10 min and $2 to buy the other person a dessert that they’ve never tried. We had to up it to under $3 because desserts are expensive! But this was a really fun part of the night! Afterward we had to answer a LOT of relationship type questions on the way home. We didn’t argue and again agreed on most of the issues we have with communication. I loved that the focus was on GOD and how we want to communicate in a way that makes HIM happy!

Once we got home and got Kye in the bed we finished the fun night by eating our desserts that we bought for each other and watching several episodes of The Office (I know we’re lame but we JUST started watching Season 1 and we LOVE it!). It was such a fun, inexpensive, way to celebrate Valentine’s Day! I think it made us both feel “young again” and like we were back to the days of early dating. Some of the date wasn’t our style so we just skipped it! No biggie! I’m excited to see what Date #2 will have in store for us!!!

Did any of you try out the Great Date Experiment? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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