Gramma’s Visit

Last week was Mom’s Spring Break. It turned out that Zach would be out of town Monday night through late Wednesday night so she decided to come up for a couple days! It was such a nice trip and so good to get to spend some quality time together. Plus I didn’t have to stay up half the night scared with Zach away 🙂

A great thing about a mother and daughter is how you become such good FRIENDS as you get older. I know boys always love and protect their moms, but girls become their mom’s friend ya know? Mom and I talked and talked and TALKED and never ran out of stuff to talk about. Even when I showered she’d come in the bathroom and talk to me haha! Isn’t that one of the best things about growing up? Instead of being our parents, our parents can become our friends. I especially think this is true once we become parents ourselves, don’t you?

Other than talking and talking with me, Mom also had a blast with Kye! They played non-stop and it was so sweet seeing Kye have so much fun with his Gramma! It also works out great because we realized she’ll be out of school for the summer when Zach and I go to Cancun so she can keep Kye for us then! 🙂

Each morning while she was here we went on a LONG walk together with Kye and each afternoon we spent some time outside playing. It was SO pretty out! Here’s Gramma enjoying the pretty weather with her favorite little man 🙂

Monday night we just hung out at the house but Tuesday night Mom took us out to Aligatu (one of my favorite restaurants!). It was SO yummy and super fun too! Kye had a great time and LOVES Japanese food!

drinking from a “big boy” cup

He just held this little piece of lettuce and STARED at the chef cooking. He just kept on staring! It was too funny, he didn’t even get scared when the chef made a huge fire trick on the stove!

with Gramma

On Wednesday we decided to go up to the mall for Kye to meet the Easter Bunny (post to come!) and since there wasn’t much of a line we had time to walk around a bit after. Here’s the little hat they gave out to the kids after meeting the bunny!

Kye was obsessed with Gramma’s sunglasses!

Wednesday night Mom went with me to church and I LOVED having her there! It was Feeding the Flock night so we ate dinner there before class and it was so nice having her there with me. Kye really enjoys eating at the church because he can crawl around and play with all the other kids once he’s done eating. It was adorable and he wore himself OUT. After class he fell asleep in the car on the way home and when I took him out of the car seat to put him in his crib he didn’t even open his eyes! I’m so glad he had such a good time!

Zach got home Wednesday night and Mom headed out Thursday morning as she had plans to go to Sea World with a student she tutors for Autism Awareness Day! It was SO nice having her visit and I hope someday we can live closer together so Kye can see his Gramma whenever he wants!

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