Gramma’s “Pet”

The morning after the ROUGH storms we had pass through here last week Mom stopped by on her lunch break to say hey and drop off something (We are always dropping off stuff to each other – mail, borrowed stuff, work stuff – I LOVE it!). When she came in she had a little surprise with her…

With the stormy weather the poor thing got lost from its family and she found him. Wasn’t he ADORABLE?!? I enjoyed looking at him and didn’t mind him walking on our kitchen table (or on my son..) but I didn’t touch him myself. Kinda surprising b/c I’m typically ALL about touching animals but I just didn’t want to for some reason. Maybe I’m turning into that lady who jumps on a chair at the sight of a mouse???

Kye LOVED him and we named him Mickey Mouse. Kye doesn’t watch TV so he doesn’t really know Mickey Mouse and I’ve been trying to help him know who he is before we go to Disney in Nov. He has a Mickey placemat and some coloring pages so he’s starting to understand and it was so cute to watch him say “Hey Mickey!”

 Checking him out with Gramma

 Whispering to him, so precious

Yup – I’m such a “cool mom.” I even let him kid HOLD him. Yes, he held him. But as soon as he was done holding him Kye got wiped down hardcore with some wipes as did the table. 🙂 

 He was SO good at holding him gently

 The poor thing’s eyes were barely even opened, he was too young to be away from his mommy for sure.

High-fives to say bye!

Mom kept him for a couple days and tried to help him survive but he was just too young. Poor thing. He was super cute and Kye really enjoyed him. Plus I think Mom enjoyed having her little pet mouse too! Maybe another one is in her future someday? 😉

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