Goals for 2013

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Zach teases me but I am a HUGE fan of a New Year. It’s a chance to really wipe the slate clean and just start fresh. I get CRUNK about some New Year’s goals and I get all excited about it. I’m lame, I know but he just cracks up at my giddiness about a New Year 😉

Here are my goals for 2013. I know we’re already almost two months into the year…but that’s okay! I kinda like that I had that time to get caught up on accomplishing some of my 2012 goals 😉

These are in totally random order:

  1. Be like Christ. In all areas and aspects of my life. Have it so when people think of me, they think of Him
  2. Become a sponsored blogger…hopefully with the BlogHer network but if not then with another good fit for me!
  3. Find an organized system for my “office” space and keep it clutter free
  4. Be more of an active, involved member of our church family
  5. Continue using Advocare products and take the time to share those products with others
  6. Be patient with my toe healing process and accept whatever the solution may be for the best results
  7. Catch up and stay caught up on Facebook photo albums
  8. Do not allow myself to fear the future. Life will have struggles, but there is GOOD in all things. 
  9. Get motivated to WORK OUT so I can look my personal best for the 10 year reunion
  10. Respond in a more timely fashion to emails, facebook messages, and blog comments
  11. Do better managing my free time. Be more productive, less random time on facebook
  12. Continue to be mindful of the amount of time I spend connected on my phone while the kids are awake…be focused FULLY on them!
  13. Learn how to curl my hair using a straightener, the way Zach likes it 🙂
  14. Focus on my relationships with Courtney and Casey and build stronger connections with them
  15. Post 365 blog entries and try to blog once a day
  16. Be an encourager to others
  17. Pay off all medical debts and being saving for new cars, Britt’s big girl furniture, etc
  18. Organize the house and continue to make improvements in our home
  19. Continue to stay strong in my convictions. Remember that the choices I make are for my children and do not waiver on the things I know are right. Continue to walk in Faith and trust God’s plan.
  20. Have the attic converted into the playroom and the other attic space well organized. Also begin the planning process for the kids new rooms!
  21. Finish reading Shepherding a Child’s Heart and put the principles into practice
  22. Do a better job of washing Kye’s hands after using the potty…try to even start washing them before meals…
  23. Share my personal testimony on the blog and with others
  24. Discipline Britt immediately when needed, keep a spank stick more readily available at all times
  25. Talk with the Lord, share with Him, lift others up in prayer constantly
  26. Buy myself a gun, learn to use it, feel comfortable using it, and get a license to carry it with me
  27. Continue to do my best to help out new moms or others who may come into my life and could use my help in someway
  28. Write a new will
  29. Hurt when I need to hurt. Vent when I need to vent. It’s okay to be sad, it doesn’t make me a weaker person and feeling those emotions helps me heal.
  30. File all Aflac claims
  31. Continue to work on being the best mom I can possibly be for my children…especially focus on teaching them to BE LIKE JESUS!
  32. Work on changing my entertainment choices to things that GOD would find approval in!
  33. Don’t argue over stupid, small things with Zach. Focus on our blessings and on the big picture.
  34. Instead of building “wide” with my friendships, focus more on building “deep” with the ones I already have
  35. Try not to stress over finances. Trust Zach and the Lord and know that both will come through during the rougher times!
  36. Do everything I can to help Zach make the NYC trip, and if it doesn’t work out have the savings in place so we can go ourselves!
  37. Research and decide the best new camera for me
  38. Be more cautious about the content I put on the internet and look into possible options for further protecting my images and blog posts.
  39. Continue to grow in my walk with the Lord and focus more on reading from His Word in my daily life
  40. Have Britt fully potty trained by the end of the year, or at least started on the process
  41. Take time each day to truly SEE Zach. Touch him. Even if it’s a light rub on his arm. Connect with him in some way each day.
  42. Accept that our family may not be able to travel as often anymore…focus on making each trip we take the best it can be and focus on finding things in our community to keep life FUN!
  43. Read the entire children’s Bible with the kids
  44. Enjoy this time of not being pregnant, not nursing, not having a newborn. Get myself back to “Emily” before starting the entire process again!
  45. Completely catch up on blog books
  46. Be mindful in not overloading my plate and only take on tasks that I truly want to
  47. Continue making a healthy variety of lunches for the kids each day!
  48. Look cuter for Zach…wear my “cute” pjs on pj days and fix myself up even when he’s the only one who will see me other than the kids
  49. Back up my photos regularly and find a good system that works for me
  50. Keep a thick skin and remember the more I put myself out there, the more “haters” I’ll acquire but that there is more good that comes from sharing my true self than there is bad!
  51. Drink more water throughout the day instead of just at meal times
  52. Find a budget app or plan or something that works for us to help track our little everyday spendings so we can do better at spending smart
  53. Be more accepting of change
  54. Encourage Zach to spend time doing things he enjoys, even if they don’t include me
  55. Continue to be content in all the areas of my life! Keep my focus on the people who matter the most: Zach, Kye and Britt. 

I had a more difficult time coming up with goals for this year. And it made me realize something: I’m pretty dang content. I think I’m at a really good place with myself and my life as a whole and that’s such a blessing! There isn’t much I want to change about any of it! Hopefully I’ll look back on 2013 and see growth and change in some areas I can’t even anticipate right now…I just know it’s going to be such a great year!!!

What are YOUR goals for this year? Do we share any of the same ones???


  1. Stephanie
    February 10, 2013 / 8:13 pm

    I'm surprised at goal number #26!

  2. Anonymous
    February 11, 2013 / 10:35 am

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  3. Lindsay Colson
    February 11, 2013 / 8:03 pm

    These are good! #54 is huge for guys… and I think it often gets pushed aside for our own selfish reasons… I think with everything, its all about balance… it would be worse if they resented us for holding them back from the fun things they enjoy, or if what they enjoyed weren't "good things", you know? We are blessed with Christian husbands that we can trust, so I think #54 might be my favorite. Although #41 was also a good one… Lets just be honest, I could do a whole blog post novel on why I like each of these 🙂

  4. Kylie
    March 27, 2013 / 1:10 pm

    #52 – Have you heard of Mint? It's a great free app offered by Quicken.

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