Goals for 2011

I know we’re nearing February so that means I only have 11 months to accomplish all my goals for this year, I’d better get on it! These are, of course, in very random order:

  1. Take time out of my day to visit with God and His Word
  2. Be the wife I need to be for Zach, our marriage, and our Father
  3. Transition Kye back to his scheduled lifestyle and keep it that way consistently
  4. Stay current with my blogging and blog daily whenever possible – also catch up and stay current on Facebook picture uploads
  5. Swim laps regularly and enjoy the new pool
  6. Have a minimum of 1-2 Stella and Dot Trunk Shows a month
  7. Have Kye sleeping in a big boy bed by the end of the year
  8. At least complete 2 blog books, but hopefully more
  9. Take very good care of my skin and wear sunscreen each and every time I go into the pool or lay out
  10. Have a more “Dave Ramsey” lifestyle. Save more. Spend less. Get stuff paid off. 
  11. Become better friends with people in our church and fellow Christians
  12. Get rid of the paci around Kye’s 2nd birthday
  13. Spend more quality time together with Zach – regular date nights once a week or at least twice a month!
  14. Have Kye swimming on his own by the end of summer
  15. Go on walks with Kye 4-5 times a week
  16. Have family Bible study time
  17. Have Kye fully night and nap potty trained by the end of the year
  18. Slow down at yellow lights instead of speeding up
  19. Start to save for retirement or invest in more Aflac stock
  20. Do better at responding quickly to emails, facebook messages, and blog comments
  21. Create a cleaning schedule for the new house and STICK to it
  22. Use up all of our timeshare trips that will be expiring
  23. Have regular dr. and dentist visits
  24. Send cards, cook meals, volunteer – have a more servant heart
  25. Do fun, creative, interesting things with Kye 
  26. Visit my friends and family in the Atlanta area more often
  27. Be under my goal weight before becoming pregnant
  28. Pray more and have my prayers be more specific
  29. Do better at trusting Zach to handle his work stuff and just be supportive
  30. Make the best choice for Kye that we can regarding pre-school
  31. Save throughout the year so we can fully enjoy our big vacation trips
  32. If pregnant then follow Bradley Method exercise routine daily, don’t gain more weight than necessary, and ENJOY pregnancy more than I did with Kye
  33. Get a full body check-up to check for any cancer type moles and such
  34. Pay at least one extra house payment
  35. Have our new house feel and look like HOME by the end of the year
  36. Be the smiling, happy, nice wife my husband wants to come home to
  37. Use our Wild Adventures Passes
  38. Floss
  39. Get dressed and ready even when just hanging out at the house all day
  40. Choose a new car based of needs, not wants, and find one that will be a financial good choice
  41. Take Kye on several trips 
  42. Comment more on my friends blogs 🙂
  43. Learn how to teach others the Gospel and help lead them to becoming Christians
  44. Have more creative fun times with friends instead of just eating or watching shows together
  45. Don’t buy more lotion, perfume, chap stick, or other stuff until I use up ALL of the products I have 
  46. Cherish each day I have with my sweet boy as he’ll be grown up all too quickly

We’ll see how I do with this list – it’s a little tougher than last years but I’m a big girl now so I should be able to handle it 🙂

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