Goals for 2009

Giving up on the journal keeping I thought I’d go ahead and write my goals here! Not only is it easy to reference them online but it also keeps me more accountable because I know people can read them and that makes me feel more responsible to accomplish them! These are in random order, not order of importance 🙂

1. Keep God first in my life, Zach second, and Clover third
2. Be the best mother I can be
3. Make our home one that Zach wants to come home to each night
4. Travel, just the two of us and with our baby
5. Complete two scrapbooks
6. Keep up with this blog
7. Show Zach my love for him more
8. Continue to grow closer to God and draw my strength from Him more
9. Breastfeed for at least six months
10. Become better friends with Zach
11. Lose all the baby weight by the end of May
12. Be there to comfort and care for my mom in the event that Nana passes away
13. Teach others about God
14. Have a date night every Monday (or at least once a week)
15. Use the YMCA membership
16. Stop using the Lord’s name in vain
17. Help Zach make as much money as possible without being pushy
18. Figure up a House Cleaning Schedule and stick to it
19. Keep time with friends a top priority
20. Continue to love my pets even after Clover is born
21. Get to know people at church better
22. Live my life so I can tell Clover to follow my example instead of “do as I say not as I do”
23. Budget wisely and save more for our future
24. Continue to learn Photoshop and use it
25. Get back into selling on Ebay
26. Have more time for me even if it’s just simply taking more baths
27. Don’t let anyone make me feel inadequate
28. Have Clover fit into our lives; don’t change our lives for Clover
29. Do the best I can to be close to Dad
30. Get into the best shape I’ve ever been in
31. Be an easy-going mom, don’t freak out all the time
32. Live my life in a way so others can see Christ through me

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  1. Anonymous
    January 2, 2009 / 3:28 am

    I LOVE your first resolution! I say this all the time! God first, Greg second and Macy third. Macy will grow up and have her own husband and family, but Greg will ALWAYS be my number 2, my best friend!Rachael

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