Get Organized with Bumkins Reusable Bags!

About a month ago I posted about an AWESOME gift package sent to me from Bumkins and they hosted a giveaway on the blog for some great bibs (you can read the post here!). Today they are hosting an even BIGGER giveaway!!! YAY!

This was the gift package they sent me…including a super personalized note!

While I was excited about the bibs, I was THRILLED about all the awesome BAGS. Think about all the sandwich baggies we use as moms! Even when trying to reuse them they eventually have to be tossed. The “zipper” on them never fully stays closed. They are hard to locate in a diaper bag and they get expensive since you have to keep buying more!

Bumkins has an ADORABLE, practical solution with their reusable bag collection! They sent me a set of two small reusable snack bags, two large reusable snack bags, clear travel bags and a wet dry bag. NEVER have I gotten so much use out of a gift sent to me by a company! I LOVE these bags. 

This is how my purse stays organized 🙂

I know their intended use is for snacks. And I could use them for snacks…or…I could use them for other things than snacks! They are GREAT for snacks as they can be tossed in the washing machine to get clean and reused again and again. They also have zippered closures which makes storing things a breeze. Instead of snacks though here’s how I use my small and large snack bags:

I keep my keys in one of them. I know that’s random but I never need to get my keys out to lock/unlock/start my car which is a great feature of the van but also annoying b/c it makes it hard to keep track of where I put them! By having them in this baggie I can easily transport the keys to whatever bag I’m using that day!

Having a toddler and running errands is no easy task but it’s been made a LOT more simplified for me when I started putting some toys into the large snack bag. Tess loves to open and close the zipper as well as taking out the toys and putting them back in. Easy entertainment so I can get things DONE!

We have been in the land of potty training (many, many posts to come) so having these bags available has made it easier to leave the house! I use a small snack bag to hold her “dry and clean” treats (reward I give her when she’s keeping her panties dry and clean!)

I also use a large snack bag for spare panties in case she has an accident and I keep a little baggie of treats in there to give to her when she goes on the potty. Even Carter knows when he sees the Ariel bag that it has treats in it! I love that each bag has a different design to keep me organized! I especially love all the Disney ones and think it was SUPER thoughtful of Bumkins to send me my favorite Disney character (Ariel, duh). 🙂

The clear travel bags are great bc they are, well, CLEAR. With swim lessons and the potty training journey I have stuff that I need to make sure to get out of my purse/diaper bag and into the washer once we are home. I’ll admit I’ve been guilty in the past of leaving some “accident panties” in my bag. Oops. But not anymore! I use the larger sized one for wet bathing suits after swim and a smaller one I keep inside the Ariel large snack size bag for dirty panties if she has an accident!

I use all the smaller bags on a daily basis but I have to say my favorite item is the Wet Dry Bag! I received my goodies awhile back and when Tess started swim (post to come!) I forgot about them. I did my usual thing of using a big beach tote and one day I found the Wet Dry Bag in her room and got so pumped! It has a BIG lined pocket to keep things dry as well as a smaller outer pocket for items you don’t want mixed in with the wet stuff. It was the PERFECT solution for swim lessons. I could put everything I needed in the bag and carry Tess in my arms with the bag on my wrist. It simplified my life and will continue to be a must-use item in our home!

Even Tess can carry it 😉

All of her swim lesson essentials fit with no issues!

And now…the giveaway! Bumkins isn’t just giving away ONE of these awesome bags but SEVERAL! This prize pack includes:

Added bonus? The winner gets to choose from their HUGE selection of adorable patterns for each item they win!!! You know my vote is the Disney line 😉 

Giveaway ends at 11:59 PM EST on Wednesday April 27th! You will be contacted by email if you are the winner!!! Good luck!

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