Gator Graduate

Saturday was Chrissy’s big graduation (with Honors! yay!) from University of Florida. My dad graduated from FSU…we were RAISED to be Seminoles and to hate all things orange and blue. But love changes all and now Brandon goes to UF (which I’m proud of…it is a good school) and is a gator fan (he can go to the school but does he have to be a fan???).

Of course I adore Chrissy and wasn’t going to miss her graduation even if it meant entering enemy territory. Their whole apartment was decked out in orange and blue and I wanted to gag! But doesn’t she look so pretty in her dress? She’ll make one beautiful bride here soon!
It was a nice time at their apartment celebrating with Mom and Chrissy’s family. I’m SO glad I got to meet her brother and his wife-to-be. They were awesome and Cassandra and I have SO much in common (she’s pregnant with a boy!). Zach couldn’t get over how things she said sound like the exact things I always say! I wish they didn’t live close to Tampa b/c I seriously think Cassandra and I would be fast friends! And Zach even liked David! It’s always hard for us to meet couples we both like and of course they don’t live anywhere near here!

Brandon and Chrissy picked up take out from Olive Garden..and omg…AMAZING! I didn’t know they did catering and I wish we had one here…sooo good!

With the travel time and graduation and all I ended up having to nurse Kye twice while we were there. It sucked to be honest. Almost right when we walked in I had to go to their room to feed him and it took around 40 min. Mom and Zach were sweet enough to take turns keeping me company but I still feel like I missed out on so much. I should have just packed him three bottles instead of one and then I could have gone in the room and pumped which would have taken waaaay less time. But oh well! Live and learn!

Here is her big moment across the stage!
Graduation fell during Kye’s nap so we attempted to get him to sleep but of course he LOVED the huge stadium lights…can’t you tell?

Even though we went to the graduation, I had to show the world that we are NOT Gators! I hunted everywhere for this little Seminole outfit 🙂 One lady walked by Zach holding him and said “oh look a little gator” I MADE SURE to correct her asap! My dad should be proud haha
And yes, he did finally fall asleep somehow!

Even though the little day trip was soooo much more work now that we have a baby it was worth it to be there to support Chrissy on her awesome achievement. Even more exciting? They announced when they are getting married!!!! June 20th of next year! I can’t WAIT! I plan to be lookin’ hot by then FOR SURE! It’ll be so fun and so great to finally be able to call Chrissy my sister!!!

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