Friday Favorites: Old Navy

Everyone knows I love a good deal and now that I’m doing so many IG Stories (follow along here!) I have a lot more people asking me for tips on saving money. When I wrote my post about Stitch Fix this week I had a lot of feedback that the reason people enjoy Stitch Fix is because they can try things on at home at it’s easier than having to go out and about. This made me think about my favorite place to order clothes from to try on at home: OLD NAVY.

I think people often have a favorite store that they learn the workings of. When the best deals come. What prices to watch for. Etc. I know my MIL has a TON of Belk knowledge πŸ˜‰ My store is Old Navy and I thought sharing my tips would make for a perfect Friday Favorite topic!

10 Old Navy Shopping Tricks:

1. Open an Old Navy Credit Card: Now ya’ll know I’m big on some Dave Ramsey. And Dave says NO credit cards. I agree with this advice and unless you are in a place where you will track your expenses on the card and not overspend then def don’t do this! However, their card is a Visa. So it’s not just a regular store credit card, it’s also a legit credit card credit card. And the rewards are AMAZING:

  • 5 points per dollar on anything purchases within the Old Navy/Gap brand (my card is actually a Gap one from my old Gap Outlet days)
  • 1 point per dollar on all other purchases outside their brands
  • TONS of special deals and promotional offers…a lot of which are simply make one purchase with the card outside of their brands and get $10 in rewards, etc. 
  • I’m a Silver cardholder which also gets me free shipping on all online orders. Super handy! As well as 20% bonus rewards every quarter

2. When to Order Online: Regular priced merchandise is usually on MUCH better sale online than in store. Almost daily they offer an extra percentage off on their website. If it’s only 10% then wait a couple days and they often have 35% or even 40% ones. In store sale prices on regular priced stuff are never as low and they don’t offer as wide of a variety of sizing in store (I’m a petite so online is where it’s at!). I often try on in store and then order while in the dressing room from my phone πŸ™‚ 

3. When to Shop In Store: Clearance is WAY better prices in store. Always! I very rarely buy anything in the clearance section online. It’s simply just that much cheaper in store. Sometimes they have extra off of Clearance but not super often. If something doesn’t seem that low on the clearance rack then wait a bit and check back because I have gotten TONS of stuff at under $3 (actually $3 is pretty much my price point when buying things from Old Navy clearance!). I typically look for stuff in bigger sizes than my kids current ones and buy seasons ahead even when it’s a good deal πŸ™‚ 

4. How to Use Credit Card Rewards: As you earn rewards by using your card they will send you coupons (rewards cards) that work like cash both online and in store AND at outlet locations. You must use your Old Navy card to make the purchase when redeeming the rewards but they can be added with other coupons and sale prices and deals! Literally they work like cash. If you have a reward for $20 you don’t have to spend a certain amount to use it, you can just spend $20…pay with the reward and get it for free. It’s easy to apply them online as well as they are stored in your account!

5. Super Cash: Old Navy has recently started doing Super Cash. They have time periods where you earn it and then can go and spend it. The best way to utilize Super Cash is to go in store to spend it. You can use Super Cash on clearance and it works on items on discount etc. Your store may vary but mine usually will also let me use my rewards when I redeem the Super Cash. If you are placing an order that will earn Super Cash it’s always smart to see how much you must spend to earn each amount. Your order may just come shy of earning the Super Cash and adding a small priced item to your cart may make the difference in savings!

6. Multiple Transactions: I always joke with Zach that going shopping is not always fun, because it’s SO MUCH MATH. Not only do you have to keep up with what current discounts are offered in the store but then you have to track how many rewards you have, how much Super Cash you have etc. Rewards are good on any amount but Super Cash requires you to spend a set amount. It’s like $25 off $50 etc. My goal is always to spend the exact amount needed to apply the Super Cash. That way you’re maximizing your discounts! If needed, I will do multiple transactions to make sure I get my items as cheap as possible. I’ve never had any cashier have issue with me doing this (except once when a cashier saw Casey and I coming and it was closing time and she told us “I don’t have time for all your coupons and such” haha). 

7. Returns: The BEST thing about Old Navy (or Gap or their other brands) online is that they have FREE return shipping. Y’all. FREE. I order a TON of stuff from them all the time then try it all on at home and send back whatever doesn’t work. They do not mind you doing this what-so-ever! I’m taking I’ve ordered $600 worth of stuff then only kept $30. Return it for free and they credit back the account with no issues! You just go online and print off the free shipping label and can re-use the bag that the items arrived in. I’ve even combined multiple orders in one return bag with no problems. It’s USPS so you can put it on your front porch and request carrier pick-up online and be done πŸ™‚ 

8. Shop for the Whole Family:  A big reason why I love Old Navy is that they have clothes for everyone in the family. Their sizing is very simple and easy and everything fits as it should. They have great basics and cute on-trend stuff too and the quality really holds up. I buy majority of my kids stuff at used kids sales but the stuff I do buy new is majority from Old Navy or Gap Outlet. The great thing about buying for the whole family is it’s easy to mix and match for family photos. Majority of our coordinated outfits are thanks to Old Navy! It’s also a time where that free return shipping comes in handy because I order a TON of stuff, figure out what works for our pics, then ship the rest back!

9. Customer Service: I’ve always been very impressed with their customer service. Recently I ordered a lot of stuff online because they had a day where several codes were stacking (you can use more than one discount code per transaction online) and I got some great deals. Well one of their warehouses caught fire and they lost a ton of merchandise. I called about all my cancellations. Not only did they relocate the canceled items and have them shipped to me for free but they also gave me more Super Cash for the new purchases, told me I could still redeem my Super Cash from the original purchases AND they sent me emails with codes for 10% off future orders which can be used with any other discounts running at the time. Super impressed! I’ve NEVER had ANY issues with them at all. I never fully appreciated their great customer service and ease of ordering and returning until I tried to do our family pic outfits from H&M. NIGHTMARE. (Like I’m so bitter I will probably never order from H&M again!)

10. Ebates: Y’all if you don’t have it, get it. Use it. And use it on your Old Navy (Gap etc) purchases online! It’s yet another great reason to shop online because you earn a percentage back on every purchase in CASH. Legit FREE MONEY (I use all my Ebates earnings for Disney haha). The percentage back amount varies and they often run deals where you get more back from certain stores during certain times or more back from shopping via their app etc. So watch for those deals! Typically I believe Old Navy is around 2% – 10% back!

I truly love Old Navy! I used to not be too happy with their jeans but here recently I got some Rockstar ones and was SUPER impressed! I always laugh when I “remember when” Old Navy started in 1994 and it was originally an outlet for Gap clothing. Then it transitioned into a great place for basics and now it’s really come so far and they do have SO many great on-trend pieces for every season for the entire family and at great prices! πŸ™‚ 

And y’all this post is just coming from my own personal experiences, it’s not sponsored by Old Navy and I don’t have any sort of affiliate deal with them or anything (although I’ll take one if they are handing those out!). 

Are you an Old Navy (Gap etc) shopper? I always said someday if I’m rich I’d love to move on up from an Old Navy girl to a Banana Republic one haha Clearly that day has yet to arrive πŸ˜‰ I’d LOVE some insider scoop on anything I may be missing! Hook me up with deals πŸ˜‰ 


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