Fresh Start for 2017!

Whew. If you’re anything like me then you are COUNTING DOWN for the end of what has been a mega rough year. If you’re also anything like me then you’ve probably been doing your fair share of emotional eating in order to cope with the hurdles 2016 has brought your way. Emotional eating = extra pounds = icky feeling = another reason to be ready for 2017! It’s time to get back in the healthy game and hit that goal weight that you’ve been eying for awhile now!

The thing I LOVE about Advocare is that they always hook us up with a great deal right at the holidays so we can be ready for that reset button at the start of Jan (Who would ever start a healthier lifestyle at the end of Dec right? Gotta enjoy that holiday grub!). Advocare is doing a NATION WIDE 24 Day Challenge that will begin on Jan 2nd! People from all across the country will be starting together on that day which makes it a fabulous time to be encouraged by others and have that added accountability (I always suggest doing the challenge with your spouse too though…it makes it SO much easier to stick to the program when you’re doing it together!).

The 24 Day Challenge has been a staple in mine and Zach’s lives for the past 4 1/2 years. We’ve always had amazing results and just FEEL better! It’s a great way to lose baby weight, break through a plateau and kick start a healthier life style. Zach and I can always tell when it’s time for us to do another round of the Challenge and there is no better time than Jan 2nd!

Here are the specials going on RIGHT NOW when you order the 24 Day Challenge:

  • FREE shipping until 12/20 (ends tomorrow!)
  • FREE Advocare blender bottle
  • FREE meal prep containers
  • FREE measuring tap (so crucial for measuring those inches)
  • JUMBO bottle of Catalyst available as an add-on (my personal favorite add-on item)

Advocare also has a TON of helpful resources to really help you succeed in meeting your goals including a virtual coach, meal planning, and what to do after the 24 Day Challenge if you want to keep going strong 😉

If you have a discount with Advocare already then, of course, you can use your discount along with this special offer!

Don’t currently get a discount? Then I’d totally join the membership so you can get that additional savings off your first order! They have really revamped the membership program. Now for just $59 (used to cost $79 and include less stuff!) you get:

  • A welcome guide
  • Advocare blender bottle
  • Spark flavor sampling Starter Pack (8 stick packs, 2 of each of the 4 most popular flavors)
  • Rehydrate flavor sampling Starter Pack (6 stick packs, 2 of each of the 3 most popular flavors)
  • Meal Replacement Shake flavor sampling Starter Pack (4 pouches, 2 of each of Vanilla and Chocolate Mocha)

Plus you save 20% on EVERYTHING you order! You never lose that 20% discount but you can earn up to 40% discount. Once you hit each discount level you keep it for life (I’m SUPER thankful for our 40% off!). 

If you have ANY questions feel free to contact me at: I’m happy to help! I have been so thankful to have Advocare in my life and am thankful for the many products that will help on our new journey to an even healthier lifestyle 🙂 

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Ready to order? You can purchase the All In 24 Day Challenge bundle here!

Want to get that discount? SIGN UP HERE BEFORE YOU ORDER!

Love me a good deal and this is a great one! Don’t forget free shipping ends tomorrow!

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