Fondue New Years

About three years ago (or maybe even longer) Zach bought me a fondue pot for Christmas because he knew I love chocolate covered strawberries. We used the set once then it got put in our pantry and we never really thought about it again. A couple months ago I was going through early nesting and cleaned everything we don’t use out of the house and the fondue pot got sent to the attic! Zach mentioned how we really should use it so we decided to have a mini-fondue party for New Year’s!

Ashley was in on the plans too but unfortunately she had to stay in Brunswick with family so she couldn’t be here for it. Katie still came over and we made a three course meal!

Course one: Cheese fondue! Zach LOVED this one

Course two: We had pizza haha

Course three: Chocolate fondue! Pretty good but so sweet and we were already SO stuffed!

Every year my family has always bought “sparkling burgundy” (Welch’s Sparkling Grape Juice) to share when bringing in the New Year! Of course we had to get some for the celebration too!!!

It may not have been a typical New Year’s for me but it was still really fun! Katie hadn’t seen the 4d ultrasound dvd so we watched that to pass the time, played some cards, watched some guy jump over a building on a motorcycle, and watched the ball drop to count down the end of 2008! I think the chocolate gave us all a little sugar buzz because Katie and I stayed up until after 2 am talking in Clover’s room!

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  1. Anonymous
    January 2, 2009 / 3:30 am

    I think you look awesome! 🙂 haha I love the grape juice pic! And pizza…. so classy! That is such a Copponex thing to do! I wish we had pizza!Rach

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