First Wild Adventures Trip: Part 2

Whew! This is a LOT of blogging for one day but I’m trying very hard to get all caught up and I’m close! So close! After a fun start to our Wild Adventures morning here’s the second half of our trip (can you imagine how many pictures I would have had if we stayed the whole day?!?):

A pit stop was in order so Seth and Crissy were sweet enough to treat us all to a bag of cotton candy. It’s one of my ultimate favorites. I could eat it ALL day long. We had to make some sexy cotton candy faces, of course.

I think this one of Zach makes me want to take back all the things I said about his attractiveness in my earlier post haha

Megow sexiness

savoring the amazingness

We had to go walking on the boardwalk to see all the animals and for some reason Crissy ended up pushing the double stroller the whole time! Stevie took over Titus’ seat and Crissy worked out them guns ๐Ÿ˜‰

The guys – couldn’t even keep up with us!

My duty of the day? Photographer and Cotton Candy holder (and eater…)

I really do LOVE how many kid themed rides are there! We were there for over 2 hours and still had things we had to go back to because we didn’t have time to ride it all. That’s a LOT of kid friendly rides, don’t you think? As an adult I always thought the park was a “poor mans Disney” and yeah, it’s NO Disney…but as a parent I truly loved it and appreciate that it’s less than 20 min away from us!

There’s even a HUGE play area (like Chic-Fila times 20) and the mini-bounce house was the big hit of the day with the younger kids!

they LOVED bouncing each other

I wasn’t sure if Kye would enjoy the carousel but he really loved “riding the horsies”

so sweet

twin faces – my favorites

Most of the kid rides require a parent to ride along and this is the only one I think where they are big enough to ride alone? It didn’t go up super high but I was impressed that all three of the big kids did GREAT with it. No one tried to escape. No one cried for Mommy. No one broke any bones ๐Ÿ™‚

Don’t they look cute in their matching outfits?

What’s HILARIOUS is that the kids can ride alone on this ride yet Zach technically can’t ride it at all!

no back injuries allowed ๐Ÿ™ sad!

they had to ride it one more time

Kye spent the whole ride “roaring” like a tiger ๐Ÿ˜‰

one last go on the carousel before heading home

this time Daddy got to ride with Kye

my two favorite guys

Kye was a natural horse rider…the whole time he kept saying “giddy up!” to his horse and kinda kicking him to make him go!

Titus loved it too – a great chance to cuddle with Daddy

I love how in all the pics Crissy is ALWAYS looking!

bye-bye Wild Adventures…see you real soon

It was SUCH a fun time. Pretty much any time spent with good friends and lots of kids will be a fun time but I really did love the park. Maybe I’m becoming a legit Valdostian, huh? Don’t get me wrong…Disney is THE happiest place on the planet but maybe Wild Adventures makes the top 10 list for me now. I can’t wait to take Kye a TON this summer and I’m pumped to try out the water park too ๐Ÿ™‚ See…all of you who say “why would I go visit Emily in lame Valdosta?!?” Now you have a reason…you KNOW you’re dying to try out the awesomeness that IS Wild Adventures!

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