First Family Morning at Magic Kingdom

Even though the purpose of the weekend was to focus on getting things done at the house, we also wanted to take a break to have a little bit of family time! It worked out great b/c Mema’s sister lives not too far from the Disney House so they were all able to go visit her for a bit and our crew was able to hit up Magic Kingdom!

Spear and I went to MK back during our ICPC stay (you can read about it here!) but I was excited to go as a whole family together! We planned to only stay for a few hours and to hit the highlights. It worked out perfectly because the park opened at 8 am. Which is really perfect when you have a baby who eats at 7! We like to get to the park an hour before opening. Since our house is a super short drive we just got him up at 6:45 and were at the park when it was time for him to eat at 7. It worked out so great! Plus an 8 am opening usually means the park is pretty dead which is great too!

Pro Dad life!

Double stroller AND the glide board for Britt to stand and ride! 

Sweetest monorail ride ever!

Spear did AWESOME, which didn’t surprise us! He wasn’t overly phased by being woken up and not fed right away. The monorail took a little bit to get there so I did go ahead and start feeding him and he was so chill about it! 

He even did great when I had to stop feeding him and wait until we got through the gates to finish! It worked out perfect that he finished up right before the park opened for the day!

My main mission for the morning was Talking Mickey. Yes, Spear already met him back in December but I really wanted a photo of our entire crew with our favorite mouse…especially before he stops talking this May (I’m so sad that he’s going back to silent!). 

We went straight to him and were the 2nd ones in line! I’ve said it before but I will always say that early character meet and greets are the best! All the cast members and characters and fresh and in the best moods and the interactions are always so special. 

Never too old for Mickey hugs!

This yall. I knew I was in the photos but I HAD to take a video and I’m so, so glad I did. This was SUCH a special moment!!! I died! 

I can’t even handle it! SO SPECIAL!

Love LOVE LOVE and even Tessie is smiling!

I was super pumped to find all these coordinating outfits…especially that the boys could match!

It’s all from Gap and Old Navy, including my dress

And I actually think the boys shirts are navy blue dots but whatever it worked! 

Had to get a guys only pic and I just love how proud Kye looks (and how CHUNKY Spear looks bahaha!)

And the girls! I adore this!

Goodbye hugs!

Really my only REAL “must do” was Mickey. Everything else was just bonus. 

Getting to the park so early means you can pretty much walk on anything but it’s especially smart to use it as a time to walk on the less popular attractions. Stuff that will get longer lines later in the day but also doesn’t have everyone running straight for it at park opening. 

Just walking through a practically empty park is SO magical. I could literally just walk and walk and take it all in. There is just a special feeling at Disney that I hope never fades for my children! Kye was ADORABLE skipping and dancing as we walked along. I love this video and how he gets a little embarrassed but then keeps on going (even funnier was a little while later where he totally and completely busted it haha we both cracked up!).

We hopped on Jungle Cruise! 

Happy to see the rhino back! He’d been gone for awhile

She LOVES seeing all the animals!

Another advantage of being at the parks early? You get to have so many opportunities for magical moments. Like walking up to Aladdin’s carpets and seeing Jasmine standing there waving to everyone so casually! It was a moment that gave me chills! She was super laid back and even waved at us while we were riding too!

Got to ride with my littles girl!

Britt and Kye are pretty obsessed with riding together and they were allowed to sit together as long as an adult was in their same “carpet”

We then decided to hop on It’s a Small World. Spear at pretty much slept through Jungle Cruise and Magic Carpets but he woke up during Small World (I mean that song is kinda tough to sleep through!). At first he wasn’t too into it…

But then his little eyes got HUGE and he was just staring and staring and really taking it all in and it was SO FUN seeing him enjoying it! 

Kye loved sitting next to him and watching him!

One of my favorite little touches πŸ™‚ 

A big benefit of passes is that you just don’t feel ANY PRESSURE. We didn’t feel like we had to “do it all” or rush around or anything. We didn’t have any hardcore set game plan and really just kinda let the kids lead the way. 

I had promised Zach a special treat at the parks πŸ˜‰ He’d been working so hard and I felt bad and wanted to make sure he knew he was appreciated! We headed over to Gaston’s Tavern to scoop up a cinnamon roll. They are HUGE and DELICIOUS!!!

When the sun is in your eyes but you still wanna smile for the picture…


Snoozing the morning away!

Tess was all about some Gaston

King Triton was also gone for awhile and we were so happy to see him back!

Our next stop was Dumbo. I feel like if you bring a baby to Magic Kingdom that It’s A Small World and Dumbo are the CLASSIC must-dos right?!?! 

Dumbo didn’t go so fabulous b/c by that point the sun was out and I was so worried about it shining on him! 

Tessie was pumped to ride with her baby brother!

After we rode Dumbo the kids all agreed that they wanted to just PLAY and not ride anything else. Which was fine by Zach and I! We sat in the Dumbo play area and let them run and play while Spear slept and then ate his bottle! 

Spear LOVED just watching the giant Dumbo fly around and around. It’s neat how Disney puts things on the ceilings because kids and babies really do look UP and enjoy all those details!!! The entire time he drank his bottle he just stared and stared πŸ™‚ 

We had a couple fastpasses to use up after he finished eating. Zach and Kye ran to ride Thunder Mountain while the girls and I met Ariel then we met up so Britt could join them to ride Splash and Tess, Spear and I rode Little Mermaid!

Tess’s first time meeting Ariel “under the sea” and Britt hasn’t seen her in a LONG time! She was so sweet and was so excited to meet Spear too!

Baby wearing for the win!

Gotta do fish faces!

This is totally my new favorite ride photo haha Kye getting that aggression out!!!

She LOVED Ariel’s signature! All the bubbles are so cute!

Tessie is at this really fun age where it’s so easy to get her PUMPED about stuff. She gets a little sad and disappointed that she’s not tall enough to ride the thrill rides with the older kids yet but I make sure I amp up the stuff we get to do together and she was SO excited to ride Little Mermaid with Spear. 

We walked right up to the ride to scan our bands and realized we had a good 20 min or so before our FP were active haha! 

So we sat up against some rocks nearby in the shade and Mama busted out the snacks and let Spear sleep while we hung out and waited!

“Sticky Foot” is her FAVORITE Disney snack!

Tess has always been an angel baby. Always sweet and easy going and is just such a JOY! 

I always tell everyone who has two kids…that they totally need to have a third πŸ˜‰

Finally riding! And it didn’t disappoint!

Tess kept saying “we defeated Ursula!”

We met back up with the big three to head out! 

My handsome Disney boy!

Yall know it’s one of my favorite things about days at Disney πŸ™‚

Of course we couldn’t leave without our first family castle pic!!!

Another monorail ride!

Crazy kids πŸ˜‰

I am one lucky woman…he not only ENJOYS Disney but carries the book bags and pushes the stroller πŸ˜‰ Super Daddy!

Too cool for photos…

And we were back at the house by 1:00 for the kids to nap and Spear to eat! PERFECT morning!!!

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