Fire Station Visit 2016

Every summer we visit the local fire station! This year I had it set up for the week I dealt with my face mess. SO thankful I moved it because I was so drugged up that I wouldn’t have been able to handle such a big outing. The downside of moving it was that less people were able to come and I feel bad about that. I usually make a public Facebook event so anyone and everyone can come and somehow the event didn’t work right and less people knew about it than normal. Next year WILL go better!!! 

The smaller crowd was kinda an advantage though as our crew got some MEGA VIP treatment!!!

Tess was ALL about climbing up into the truck!

I keep waiting for Kye to be too old to find our visit fun, but each year he continues to be very excited about it. I think it’s because I amp it up haha. But he was able to really check out the trucks and ask more questions and get an even better hands on experience since it was so few of us there this year. I love sitting back and just watching Kye as he soaks things in and I can see his mind at work!

The most AWESOME thing happened with our VIP fire station tour…they let the kids go in the bucket on top of the truck and they extended the big ladder and one of the firemen climbed it for us. How cool is that?!?!

Britt opted to stay on the ground…and Mama was right there with her on that one!

The brave crew! 

(Really weren’t the most brave ones the firemen? If a kid had fallen they would have been straight liable haha)

We got to get a tour of the station (I want to get the guys all the #lifechangingblankets at Christmas time…they have hardly anything up there!) and see where they eat and sleep (and potty, you know with little ones we hit up that potty!) then we sat down for the fire safety lesson. It was shorter than usual, again because the smaller group. I think they know the regulars have heard it all by now haha

When I took Kye to his very first fire station visit I remember seeing an older kid who knew ALL the answers to the questions. And now that kid is Kye 🙂 

More VIP treatment…trying on all the gear!

Tess and Carter just wanted to drive the trucks 🙂

I took this picture because I have one similar from Kye’s 1 Year Photos!

Quite the difference 6 years makes huh?

Of course we couldn’t leave without a chance to spray the water hose!

Every time I see Britt’s tongue sticking out I think about how she was tongue tied as a baby…I wonder if it’s why she sticks it out so much!??!

This girl was ALL about it! She’s growing up tooooo fast, maybe next year we’ll have a little brother with us 🙂 

Our fire station crew!

You can see past visits here:







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