Finally some Skiing!

On Monday we got up early and looked outside and it was going to be a nice day! Time to hit the slopes! We always ski at Beech Mountain as it’s the cheaper of the mountains up there and it’s kinda where our trip originally started. We first went to Banner Elk our first year together. Zach had just won the National Championship his red shirt freshman year and we met a group from VSU to go up to Banner Elk to take a ski class for a couple days over Christmas break! It earned us a 1 hour credit, taught me to ski, and created a place that Zach and I cherish! I’m so glad we went!

Anyways I’m glad we went when we did and waited until Monday to go. The prices were great! $30 for the whole day versus the regular $60! The only bad thing was that it was HOT. I mean like in the 50s which is pretty dang warm to be all geared up in ski stuff. For the first time EVER I skied without my hat or gloves! Here’s some pictures from our fun day together! I think next year we’re going to go on the trip a little closer to Christmas. After coming home and having to rush rush rush to get everything done this year I think I’d rather rush rush rush to get it all done sooner THEN go on vacation 🙂

on our way up the mountain we saw this beautiful fog


ready for some skiing action!

We stuck to the greens (easiest) when I skied, since I was only doing it for one day I didn’t really feel like challenging myself haha so we just rode the lift over and over again and went down the same little slope a million times. I was proud how quickly I picked it all back up. Granted, I’m not some great skier or anything but for someone who considers herself non-athletic I think I do pretty well! Here’s a video showing how Zach and I start off at the same spot and how long it takes him to get down versus how long it takes me (and this was me going fast haha)! Here’s another video of me showing off my madddd skills. And another video of the dreaded LIFT. I swear I am terrified of it! I dread it so much!!! Skiing is a BREEZE compared to getting off that thing…it’s so stressful!


The slopes were EMPTY which was nice! It was also funny b/c we’d keep passing the same people. We passed these little girls several times and it was so funny to hear them. One of them is super fast (like Zach) and kept getting annoyed with the sister who liked going slow (like Me!). She knew she was supposed to be helping her but she’d keep forgetting. I loved hearing the older one because she’d be so annoyed and would say stuff like “Hurry up. You are so slow. I’m leaving you. You’re going to have to ski by youself” in this little bossy tone. Then she’d remember she was supposed to be helping (or she’d see me watching is probably more like it) and she’d suddenly be all supportive saying “c’mon you can do it…nice and slow” haha

Zach doing a jump!

Since I’m not the expert skier like Zach is I only ski for half a day. He skies with me for that half and helps me learn and such then the second half of the day he goes on his black diamond runs and I hang out in the lodge reading. I know that sounds lame but I totally enjoy it and I was excited for that time this year! I am re-reading Lovely Bones. It’s my favorite book EVER and I can’t wait for the movie! Anyways here we are enjoying lunch!

I LOVE the cookies every time we go!

It was so hot that I took off my ski pants and just hung out in a shirt and my tights. It was a really fun day though and I always forget how much I enjoy skiing. The short time we got to go REALLY made me wish we could have stayed longer so I could get more time in. Next year I’ll re-read this post and remind myself that I LOVE to ski and that it’s super fun!


  1. Crissy Megow
    December 21, 2009 / 6:44 pm

    Okay, one of those plates is yours right, or is Zach eating all that food?

  2. Emily
    December 21, 2009 / 7:05 pm

    nope it's all his haha!

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