Favorite Moments from The Vegas Bash

Katie and I had a BLAST at The Vegas Bash Meet and Greet Event! You can see some of the people we met from my earlier post, here. When we booked the event, there were many different events to choose from for that weekend. There was a party bus, the meet and greet, and an actual party at a club. We chose the meet and greet because we don’t party and I liked the idea that the setting would be more relaxed and intimate at the meet and greet. We weren’t disappointed!

Here are my favorite people or moments from the night of the event:

Adam Poch, from this season (13) of Big Brother, was one of my least favorite house-guests. You could tell he was a super-fan and just really, really wanted America to like him. He had all these catch-phrases, talked to the camera all the time, and tried to establish things that would make viewers like him (he was obsessed with bacon, Tori Spelling, heavy metal, etc…). I personally found it all obnoxious and was thankful that Rachel didn’t take him to the final two with her. It WAS awesome meeting him because we discussed in advance how Katie wanted to make a big deal out of it. Since he made it so far on the show, he’d just left Big Brother two days before the event. So when he walked in Katie kinda screamed and said “omg it’s ADAM!” It was super funny b/c he totally ate it up. He posed for our pictures (like he does in every picture of him) and was wearing a bacon shirt. Like I said, he’s trying just TOO hard!

I loved my picture too because I had Farrah, his girlfriend, get in it with us!

I’ve always liked Mark Long from one of the first (or maybe the first) season of Road Rules on MTV and have enjoyed seeing him on several of the challenges through the years. He was the red carpet host for the party the next night and was CRAZY tall! It shocked Katie and I both to see how tall he was! He was one of the nicest people we met and I was very impressed by him. He was very attractive but didn’t act like it at all. I told him I couldn’t get over his height and he said he hears that a lot when people meet him. I told him about Zach and how tall he is and Mark is actually shorter than Zach! I have a super tall husband don’t I?!?! I just never really think about it much since I’m married to him! He asked us a lot about where we are from and such and we talked a little football (sometimes being the wife of a former player does come in handy).

btw…I never mentioned that I’m wearing my panther pendant necklace, hematite soiree stud earrings, hematite link chain necklace, hematite cup chain bracelet, and lots of other layered bracelets from Stella and Dot!

Ronnie Talbott, from Big Brother Season 11, was another person who I wasn’t crazy about during his season but liked in person. We actually ended up talking to him for quite awhile…simply because he was blocking the bathroom πŸ˜‰ He was on Jeff and Jordan’s first season and it was obvious that he’s a true fan. He loves the game and loves talking about it! He made a good point, that Jeff made the same mistakes his second season as he did his first…he just plays too personally. Which I do agree with!

Jonny Fairplay, from Survivor Micronesia, is best known for lying during his season and saying his grandmother was dying or sick or did die or something. I’m not really sure – I don’t think I even watched his season! I did remember him dating Tonya, from MTV The Challenges, and that’s why he’s famous to me! He was MEGA wasted right when he arrived and was semi-hitting on me the whole time we talked to him. He took my hand to kiss it and was so wasted that he ended up kissing his own hand instead. He was a funny one though and it cracked us up how Patrick asked him for us about his relationship with Tonya πŸ˜‰ It’s been over for a long time but it still made us laugh that he asked!

I’ve always thought Abram Boise (from Road Rules and now the Challenges) was good looking…but he seems to only get better looking with time and I started liking him a couple of seasons ago when he and Cara Maria got together. I just LOVE when unique, interesting people find their perfect match and they seem to be that way to me! He was beyond friendly and said he’d actually be in Macon, GA a couple weeks after the Vegas trip. He is working with Cahutta (from The Real World) doing white water rafting tours on the boarder of GA and Tenn! I asked him lots of questions, including if he wished he’d been on this past season with how horribly Cara Maria got treated. He said he never watches the shows and he’s glad he doesn’t because he’d probably kill some people (he’s been kicked off a show or two for fighting in the past…).

It was SO windy outside…I love this pic where Katie’s drink splashed all over them πŸ˜‰

try #2!

Cara Maria came up while we were talking and I was all excited to see them together! I’m a girl that totally loves watching relationships evolve on tv, can’t you tell? I’ve always said she’s super pretty and in person her features are even prettier. She does the best eye makeup for real! It was obvious she was smitten with him. She kept gazing into his eyes and kissing him and just constantly touching him. Abram also introduced us to some random friend of his which was pretty funny so I asked him to take the picture of the four of us together! I asked Cara Maria if she wished Abram had been on this past season with her to protect her and she said no because he either would have gotten kicked off for fighting or none of that stuff would have even happened if he was there. And she did make it to the finals so it was probably good not to have a distraction!

Adam King, from MTV The Challenges, was another super friendly guy. Katie and I both found him to be adorable (and he looks much better with the shorter hair, which I made sure to tell him!). He told us lots of insider scoop from the shows and it was clear that he enjoys filming them. He said they are all drunk majority of time (um, we can tell!) including when they do actual challenges. He said Jen really did hurt him this past season and they no longer speak. I asked him about C.T. and if he’s really changed and he said yes, and that he does mean it when he says C.T. will always be his #1 choice for a partner. He said that everyone is scared of C.T. but that they are also all scared of Evan (random!) and Landon and also Alton too.

too cute!

My favorite people of the night were all the people from Survivor. I thought they were the most relaxed and didn’t act like they were “famous” in any way at all. In fact, almost all of them were surprised we even knew who they were. I like that kind of attitude ya know? I have never liked people who act conceited! Randy actually grabbed me and introduced us to Eliza (who we met earlier in the night), Stephanie Valencia (from last season’s Redemption Island), and Michael Bortone (from Survivor Micronesia). I was thankful that we’d just overheard Michael and Stephanie introduce themselves to someone b/c right off the bat Michael asked if we knew who they were. I said “of course! Eliza, Stephanie and Mike!” He threw me for a second because he said his name wasn’t Mike so I guessed David πŸ˜‰ They were all very cool and I think Michael was the best looking guy of the night (can’t really tell in the picture of us though…). It was also cute how flirtatious he and Stephanie were and we realized later that Stephanie wasn’t even on the list of people coming so maybe they came together?!?! The best part about this picture is that I asked Randy to take it πŸ˜‰

When taking the pic Mike asked if I wanted to touch his nipple?!? I politely, and quickly, declined!

I’ve been hardcore team Russel (Hantz from Survivor Samoa, Heroes vs Villains, and Redemption Island) since his first season on the show. I know he’s a character most people love to hate, but Zach and I love to love him haha. He totally deserved to win every time he made it to the final two and it was so sad to see him leave so early last season. He was one of the people I was most excited to meet and we met him pretty much right when we arrived. It was pretty empty at that point so we spent time just sitting with him and talking. He was nice, but unfortunately he was really hardcore trying to promote his new show (some reality show on A&E where he flips house…called Flipped Off). He went on and on about it and told us all about his divorce and how the show will be really real and emotional by showing him telling his kids about it and everything (something to be really proud of right?!?). He said he has four kids and has full custody of the two youngest which is tough for him. I told him I’m pregnant (for some reason NO ONE that night could tell?!?!) yet he still offered me a shot! I was like “no Russel, I’m pregnant…remember?” and he said “one shot is good for the baby.” Ummm…no it’s not!!! It was super cool getting to meet and hang out with him, but I wish he’d let us talk more about Survivor and less about the new show!

We passed by Randy Bailey (from Survivor Gabon and Heroes Vs Villains) several times before we decided to talk to him. If you watched his first season then I doubt you liked him…as we didn’t either. He pretty much hated everyone! He even said he liked dogs more than people! We were really thrown off that he was even there and assumed he did not want people talking to him. We got pretty gutsy though and ended up approaching him. SO glad we did. He was straight up HILARIOUS! Pretty much right when we met him I asked him if he really likes dogs more than people and he said “everyone likes dogs – here’s a picture of my dead dog.” He whipped out his wallet and, no joke, inside was a picture of his dog dressed up in a tuxedo at some type of studio! It was priceless. Katie asked him about Jeff Probst (the host of Survivor) and he said he’s a total d-bag. He said he’s almost as bad as Chris Harrison (from The Bachelor). He went on to discuss The Bachelor Pad with us (and hated pretty much everyone on that show). We asked him if he’d go on Survivor again and he said if he could do it his way which probably would never happen. He said he’s very bitter about the show and said he had to play a character for them. He knew they wanted him to be a jerk, so he played that up and even did it through the casting process (said they’d call him and he’d just say “f you” and hang up!). He claims he’s actually very nice in real life…but it seemed to us that he still pretty much hates everyone πŸ˜‰ We told him we were surprised to see him there and he said it’s the first thing he’s ever done like this and that he came because it was free and a chance to get out of town. Poor guy! After our talk (which we ended, I think he would have talked to us much longer if we wanted!), we became hardcore Team Randy. We told him he needs to do the show again because we’d be rooting for him this time! He was seriously our favorite person there and it felt like we became buddies. I think we were his favorites too (we were the ONLY people we ever saw talking to him other than Survivor people). We’d pass him and he’d smile at us, introduced us to people, took pictures for us, and joked around with us. I felt so comfortable with him that before we left I even went up to him and rubbed his arm and told him I couldn’t believe he’d stuck around that long! I need to find his address b/c I KNOW he wants copies of the pictures of us with him…

When he took my picture he asked if I wanted the “mean Randy” from the show or the “nice/real Randy.” I said he should do one of each for us and I wanted the mean one…so here’s Mean Randy:

And Katie got “nice/real Randy” We seriously could NOT STOP laughing when we looked at these pictures…not much of a difference from the mean to the nice huh?!?!?! Oh Randy…

Randy was by far our favorite reality star of the night – but there was another favorite for us and that was Patrick! I’m not sure how we started talking to him, and his girl friend Jaime, but I’m so glad we did! He was so awesome! He really, really is obsessed with getting on reality tv and has tried out multiple times for different shows. He actually made it pretty far on a Survivor audition. He was very outgoing, outspoken, and hilarious. We spent the majority of our night being entertained by him. He’s one of those people that knows all about reality tv so he gave us the insider scoop on a lot of things. I told him that I’m a Jeff fan and he immediately said “Jeff fans are all crazy cat ladies in their 50s!”

Something I enjoy talking to people about is if reality shows are rigged or not, we discussed this and most people I talked to about it agreed that they are set up to an extent but that they’d rather not think about it πŸ˜‰ Patrick said he heard that the only way Jordan would agree to be on the show again this past season was if she could call home so they let her and that’s why she didn’t mind giving up her phone call to Shelly. He also said the reason Jeff and Jordan didn’t come to the event that weekend is that they have a management team and if they do any public appearance type thing then they have to pay that team, even if they didn’t help them book it. So even though they’d get a free flight and room, since they wouldn’t actually be paid for the event they’d lose money since they’d have to pay their management out of pocket – makes sense!

Patrick is very knowledgeable about astrology and told us all about how he went to an astrologer and she told him he’d be on a reality show (and win) when he’s 24. Right now he’s 21 so we’ll be counting down for the next few years to see him for sure! He told us about our signs and he was especially interested in Katie…if he didn’t have a girl friend I’d say he had a crush. He swore that Katie has this dark side that we don’t know about and that she really needs to be on a reality show! It was pretty funny because he described her in ways that I could never see Katie being!

Pretty much the entire night Patrick was wandering from star to star on his own and Jaime was left by herself. She’s not as into the whole thing as he is and I think she enjoyed her time at the bar πŸ™‚ She was so shy and quiet but opened up by the time we left and even kissed my belly! So random! They both cracked us UP. I wish I could write about a lot more that Patrick asked and told us…but it’s so inappropriate! Let’s just say no one has asked me some of the things he felt were okay to ask and his openness was so awesome. I love me some straight up honesty ya know? Luckily none of it made us uncomfortable! He will make an excellent reality star for sure πŸ™‚

Our Vegas Bash BFF!

Can you tell it was a super fun night?!?! VERY well worth the trip! We would totally go back to go again and next time we’ll be better prepared with questions to ask everyone πŸ™‚ If we do ever get to go again, Randy better be there too!!!

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  1. Zach Faulkner
    July 6, 2012 / 8:00 am

    Hey! I just saw this blog cause Niki who hosts the Vegas Bash posted the link on her facebook and had to comment cause I loved this. Mainly cause I was there last year with Patrick and Jamie and Patrick has been a best friend of mine for many years! Sad I missed you guys (or maybe we met and I just forgot!) But I passed the link on to him. I'm sure he's gonna be super flattered reading all the amazing things you guys said about him!

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