Father’s Day Family Golf Outing 2014

Every year for Father’s Day we have a family golf outing together. It’s such a fun tradition and it something Zach truly looks forward to each year. He goes golfing a good bit super often now but still loves the chance to go and play with his family. It’s pretty much the only time each year I get to see him in action 🙂 

This year we kicked things off with breakfast at Chick Fil A! I feel like we’ve done a LOT of CFA visits this summer but it’s def a family favorite of ours and was Zach’s choice for his pre-golf meal!

We headed out to Kinderlou and took separate cars so Britt and I could leave and the boys could stay. Kye now plays a full 18 holes and Zach wanted to enjoy that quality time together with him. We knew Britt would never make it for that many holes so we just planned for her and I to head out when the timing was right 🙂 It was surprisingly a nice cool morning and I don’t even think I broke a sweat! It was BEAUTIFUL and we had a great time!!!

Last year Britt cried a good bit because she just wanted to ride the golf cart and not stop for any of the golfing. This year? She fussed when it was time to get in the golf cart because she didn’t want to stop golfing haha. She really had fun and loved participating in it all! She was SUPER upset when it was time for us to leave!!! I know that made Zach happy 😉 

Tell me that little golf glove isn’t so adorable!

They were SO sweet all morning together and Kye loved showing Britt how to play!

My sweet babies!

The ball marker I got Zach for our anniversary came in handy!

Every single picture of Kye golfing he has his tongue sticking out in concentration!

Every year we have had one golf cart for our family…this was the first year that we required two! A few times Kye even drove his and Zach’s cart and he did SO great keeping it on the cart path and taking it nice and slow. We will really have our hands full next year 🙂

Zach is not always the most patient person in the world but he does SO great helping the kids with their swings. He takes his time with them and encourages them. You can tell he truly enjoys their interest in one of his favorite sports!

Good shot Kye!

Our golfer!

While she did WAY better than last year…it was def not a “drama free” morning. But that’s life with a daughter, right? 😉

Group pics on our last hole (told ya I didn’t break a sweat!)

It was a perfect morning and it really did all go so well! Next year we know we will not have it so easy with the timing because Leo will have a morning nap still so we’ll have to wait until the heat of the afternoon to go but we’ve done it before and know it’ll all work out! It worked out where Britt and I played 6 holes I think? I do think she could have gone a couple more holes and done fine, but I was glad the boys were able to play together and have their fun! It really is so neat to see the changes in the kids each year and to watch Kye’s love for the game and ability to play evolve as he gets older! Zach ended up playing his best score ever that morning so I think age is even helping him in his abilities too 😉 Plus, duh, we are totally his good luck charms!

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