Father’s Day 2017

Last year Zach had back surgery in May and we weren’t able to do our annual family golf outing for Father’s Day due to his recovery. We instead went for his birthday…and while Zach wasn’t able to fully play we still had that family time together (you can see that post here). We have had our golf tradition since Zach’s very first Father’s Day! I actually hosted a baby shower at our house for his first Father’s Day and he took Kye golfing with his dad (Kye rode in the car seat and napped). It’s been a great tradition for our family ever since!

This year we had to celebrate Father’s Day a week early. We typically celebrate it the day before actual Father’s Day but Carter’s birthday party was that day so we did it the weekend prior. We kicked things off with some CFA for breakfast before hitting the course!

We had an early morning tee-time which was PERFECT. It really wasn’t too hot at ALL and was a beautiful morning!

Cart Girls πŸ˜‰

It was so cute how all the kids wanted to play some this year!

Miiiiight have missed that ball Britt πŸ˜‰

Britt was much more into it than I thought she’d be. She watched a lot and asked questions and wanted to play. We keep telling her that there are TONS of scholarships for girl golfers so she should switch sports πŸ˜‰

I took four videos during our morning:

Zach 1

Zach 2

Kye 1 

Kye 2

Kye is VERY serious about the game and takes his time and lines up each shot. 

There is a reason that the girls and I only stay for 9 holes πŸ˜‰

When we played at Zach’s birthday this past year and this current year both outings had similar endings. Kye crying and being upset. Honestly I left this year pretty upset too and just feeling discouraged. Maybe our annual tradition needs to end? Worried that Zach won’t get to share golf outings with his son the way he shares them with his dad. Kye and Zach are a LOT alike in a LOT of ways but in the way they handle themselves under pressure they are very different. Zach is motivated when he’s down. Kye (is more like me in this) gets down and has a hard time recovering. When he messes up he gets in his head and gets upset and struggles to get back in the groove. This has caused issues both this year and last. Kye will be doing awesome then have one mistake and will turn that one mistake into many and he struggles to bounce back. Zach gets frustrated with Kye’s downward spiral and doesn’t quite know how to reach him to fix it. 

Kye ended up coming home with me and the girls this year. Last year he stayed and ended up having a MUCH better second half. This time he just needed to go ahead and be done. It was disappointing for Zach in a big way to be playing solo on his Father’s Day outing but in the long run I think it was a BIG positive. Kye and I had a long talk and it resulted in him and Zach having a long talk as well. It’s so important to put ourselves in each others shoes and try to best reach each other in the ways each of us will best respond. We are ALL different! Zach and Kye worked out some plans for how to handle things in the future. Kye plans to let Zach know when he’s frustrated and Zach plans to give him some space and let him work through it on his own. They both felt good about the plan and made golf plans together for our beach trip to test it out πŸ™‚ 

The kids recently asked us what our perfect day would be and Zach said his perfect day would be swimming and relaxing and watching a movie and eating pizza. It all just happened to work out where that is EXACTLY what the rest of our day included! Usually for Father’s Day we go out to eat but Zach just wasn’t feeling it so we had a super mega chill day instead!

He got done with his golf super fast (because it’s quick when you’re solo ha!) and got home in time to swim and eat lunch out back! 

I ran out and got pizza for dinner…we tried a new place in town called Stoner’s and let me just say I think the employees I met there live up to the name of the place. It was hilarious because the order was under “Zach” and when I pulled up and told them the order name I could hear them saying “Woah…Zach is a girrrrl” haha!

If you’re local…the pizza ain’t cheap but it was SUPER good and VERY filling. We all ate less than usual and were able to spread it out for a few meals!

Daddy picked the movie (Zootopia) and we had a pizza picnic!

After the movie it was presents time! 

I took the kids to Target and they picked out gifs for Daddy from them (girls got him a “hidden mickey” shirt and Kye got him a Star Wars one) and then I ordered him several new work outfits from Express!

Real Father’s Day was the following Sunday…I had planned to put a cute posed pic of Zach and the kids up on IG/FB but while I was thinking about what to post I looked over and noticed that Zach was sitting on our bathtub blow drying the girls’ hair. What better way to represent just the kind of dad he is than that?!?! He’s SO hands on! He’s truly my teammate and not just a dad from the sidelines. We work through everything together and I’m so thankful he’s the father of my children. They are SO BLESSED! 

For Father’s Day we always visit Zach’s home church (Lakeland Church of Christ) where all of his family still attends. It was great getting to see Big Daddy! 

Aunt Karen crashed the Lakeland party too πŸ˜‰

We went over to Mr Rusty’s and Mrs Charlotte’s house for lunch and stayed for a bit to celebrate both Father’s Day and Mr Rusty’s birthday. I was also able to have a great conversation with my dad and we’re all so excited for a visit we have planned soon up there to see them!!! 

We are so hopeful that next Father’s Day Zach will be holding another little boy πŸ™‚ 


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