Family Photos August 2017

I’m so thankful for Lindsay, from Captured by Colson! We had such a tough time actually getting our family pictures to happen. The first time we were literally racing storms. And the second time Britt had pink eye and it rained again. The third time was THE CHARM and really I’m glad it worked out exactly as it did. Not only did we have sunny skies but we were able to meet up early on a Saturday morning so it also wasn’t too hot. We were also able to take the photos at Park Place which is a new venue (to me at least as I hadn’t started hearing about it until recently) and it is SO gorgeous. It flowed so well as a backdrop for our bright, “beachy” color scheme!

The “purpose” for the photos were for Tess’s 3rd birthday pics! I like to get photos of the kids at each of their birthdays (until age 5 anyway) as they change SO much in one year! You can look back at our family photos from last July and really see such a big change in Tessie ๐Ÿ™‚

As always, Lindsay was phenomenal to work with. She brings SUCH a positive, fun energy to all of our photo sessions. She specializes in weddings and seniors and I love all of her work (be sure to check her out on FB and IG). I’m thankful to consider her a close friend and have loved working with her for our family sessions since Kye was 18 months old!

I love, love LOVE how these turned out. We are all so comfortable with working with Lindsay and I think that shines through in our sessions. We are all relaxed and truly have a great time! I have NEVER framed any photos in color in our house (our photo wall is about the only framed pics in our house and they are black and white) but these colors just all came together so great that I really want to do something with them. I did a collage photo frame for Zach’s office and I’m considering buying another one to put up in the dining room maybe? I need to decide which pics to use! Let me know you’re favs!!!

Tess Solo, I cannot get over how she WORKED that camera!

(I already owned her entire outfit!)

Prob my fav?

I love this one too!

I’m so thankful for Lindsay’s patience with me. I’m sure I’m so annoying b/c I always want solo of each kid AND solo of each kid WITH each parent. I just try to think of the future and how the kids will enjoy having photos of JUST them instead of always lumped with siblings ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

My dress: Ali Express

Zach’s shirt: Old Navy

Britt Solo…she’s getting SO grown! That goofy grin she used to always do in photos is long gone now ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Her dress: Gap

Fav! She’s so pretty!

My big girl!

I can’t even ๐Ÿ˜‰ So sweet!

It’s funny because Kye has always been THE EASIEST at photo sessions. The negative of that is that his TRUE smile is hard to capture. He’s very robotic with photo sessions and just has this “picture smile” rather than having his TRUE smile. That was our main mission this time around: get Kye’s REAL smile.

I even researched tips and tricks (saying “yeehaw” and “howdy” help to get authentic smiles better than “cheese” does, making poop jokes helps, singing songs the wrong way, basically acting crazy haha). Between Lindsay, Zach and I we were able to make it happen and got so many awesome ones of him!!!

Kye’s shirt: Old Navy

Kye’s shorts: Gap


Another fav, I can’t get over how GROWN he is!!!

I adore this too! They are looking more and more alike!

After Zach getting the Britt kiss I was like “hello what about meeee?” ๐Ÿ˜‰

Then Kye said he wanted his Mama to give him a kiss too ๐Ÿ™‚ My baby!

Taking these photos was SO EASY. This is the oldest our kids have ever been without having a baby in our family so it’s the most flexible we’ve been able to be as a family unit. It’s awesome! But I’m equally so, so excited for all the sibling photos coming up with precious Tab in them! It’s hard to believe that these are the last photos we’ll have as a family of 5 and that once Tab arrives…that’s IT! Family of 6 for LIFE!!!

I love the bonds our kids share together and think that really comes across in these pics!

Favorite…love the giggles!

(tip: bring puppets to a session…they help a lot!)

Something Lindsay does that I don’t see a lot of photographers taking the time to do is she focuses a lot on the parents. I LOVE that she takes time out during our sessions to get shots of just Zach and I together. It’s hard to get “just us” pics and I always love and appreciate having these. What couple doesn’t wish they had more photos together? 

Zach and I have been through SO MUCH this year. I’m so thankful for the way we’ve grown tougher through these tougher paths and it’s been such a beautiful journey and has bonded us even closer. I’m so thankful for us and our love and that I’m his!


Had to get a couple solo too…the dress and the background were just TOO perfect together!!!

Our last photo session as a family of 5!

I’ve loved this season of life. I’ve loved each stage of our family. From a family of 3, to 4 and now 5. But it’s never felt complete. Just as I’m sad to see the days of adding babies leave, I’m so excited to feel content and to feel finished. To look at our family photos and not feel like a piece is missing. We’re ready for you Tab!!!

Favorite! I think I want this hung somewhere in our house! Wouldn’t it flow so well with all of our colors?

Love how PROUD they are!

If you’re looking for a fabulous wedding photographer or wanting to have one super awesome unique senior session or needing an update to your family photos then Lindsay is def your girl! You can visit her website (Captured by Colson) to see more of her style of photography. I know people tease us a lot for how often we have family photos taken but it’s an investment you’ll NEVER regret making. Life passes quickly. Babies grow up so fast. Photos are a stamp in time. A way to truly hang on to a moment forever! 


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