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18 Month Photo Shoot

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Taking a break from all the catching up to share the pictures from Kye's 18 month photo shoot! This time around we got to work with Lindsay Colson who is a blogger herself and pregnant and an artist and a fabulous photographer! She's got great prices and AMAZING work so check her out here (I think her company name is sooo catchy btw: Captured by Colson)!

We ended up meeting at Kinderlou (a nice golf community neighborhood here) on a Sunday morning before church (Sept 19th to be exact so he was 18 months old when these were taken I promise!). Kye was in as decent of a mood as you can ask for from a wild, running like mad, toddler. I thought Lindsay did a GREAT job! She was fun, professional, and patient. I LOVE so many of the images so I posted a ton on here. And the rest are in this album on my picasa site (who knows when I'll update my facebook albums...maybe next year?!?!). When I looked through these the first time I just couldn't get over how OLD he looks. Remember his last photo shoot? Can you believe that was only 6 months ago? Can time please freeze?

 this one is one of my favorites I think!
 Crazy Boy Kye Face #1


 I'm glad Lindsay got some of just Kye and I together as usually I always get Zach and Kye

 All pictures with Daddy always turn out adorable!

 the reason Kye always looks cutest in pictures with Zach? I provide endless entertainment ;)
 this is 100% frame worthy ;)

 these are my favorite with me
in all of these I'm wearing the Stella & Dot Boca Chic Necklace, Bloom Charm Bracelet in Gold with the Palm Beach Charms ~ check 'em out ;)
 SUCH a Daddy's boy

 I love all these on the golf carts - if we do his new room in a golf theme won't they be adorable?

I love his "proud face" in the one above and just how happy he is in the one below
Crazy Boy Kye #2!

these are really "artsy" family shots ;)

fruit snacks helped us make it through the shoot!

love the little footprints in the grass

Thanks so much again, Lindsay! Hope everyone else enjoyed them as much as I did...I'd love to hear thoughts on the ones you guys think I should frame in the new house :)

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