Family Fun October 2017

Our October was a pretty packed travel month with Disney AND Hawaii but we still made time for extra family fun! 

Book Club this month we discussed The Light We Lost…it wasn’t a favorite for me. 

Both Kye’s and Britt’s classes asked me to be room mom this year. Um. I declined. Which at first I felt guilt over but yall I just couldn’t commit with everything going on regarding the adoption and new baby! I did let them know I’d help as much as possible so with Britt’s class I’ve been the go-to to contribute needed items for events and activities and both classes I volunteered to set up the fall festival booths and help work them. 

On our way to set up the booths we stopped by Walgreens. That said they opened at 8. It was almost 9. Not. Open. 

Fall Festival Fun!

Tradition ๐Ÿ˜‰

The kids each had a few tickets to spend on whatever they wanted…shocker they all wanted treats!

My boy. 

The bake walk is our favorite! It was slightly rigged by this time of the day which worked out in our favor ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

Zach and I felt SO BAD for missing Kye’s first team win and his game belt win while we were in Hawaii! We planned a special night to celebrate and all got Snowcones!

Toys R Us often hosts free events and one Saturday this month they had a scavenger hunt for BB8 and once you found them all you got a free BB8 lego! It was super fun and a great surprise for the kids!

Free fun is our love language!

Uncle Brad has been wanting to have a  big kid camp out for awhile! He’s SO GREAT with the kids and I love that our kids have their cousins as their best friends. These are precious memories I know they’ll always cherish. Brad planned the whole night and Kye and Britt had a BLAST. They camped out in Courtney and Brad’s back yard and stayed up late and had a campfire and everything. They loved it and I was super impressed that even Britt slept outside the whole night!

These two ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Girl tent!

Our Hobby Lobby busts out the Christmas decor SO EARLY. I knew baby coming would make some of our annual traditions tricky so we went ahead and knocked out what we could when we could. We all went to Hobby Lobby and the kids picked out their ornaments for the trees in their rooms and got Tab one too!

Growing up my brother and I LOVED circling in catalogs to give our parents ideas for Christmas. I love that catalogs still come in the mail and that this is something my kids can do together too. It’s PRECIOUS to see what they circle and things they find for each other and for the rest of the family. Not that I bought any of it but it was still fun ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

Red Ribbon Day (I believe Kye is being a vampire ha!)

Britt has speech every Tues and Thur and we have a good routine down and I’m thankful that the location has a lot of fun things for the other kids to do while they wait!

Mrs Charlotte sent me this while we were in Hawaii ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

We had a night where football was canceled and we were actually able to CHILL. I love how well these three play together (and YES. That’s underwear on Tess’s face haha she likes to be “Captain Underpants”)

Gah yall nothing melts my heart quite like seeing my girls together. I always wished I’d had a sister close in age (my half sister is 9 years older and we never shared a home) and I LOVE the bond they share!

Doing makeup!

I can’t handle it!

So pretty and glittery!

A preview of the teenage years to come!

Our makeovers by Britt!

Gotta do a kissy face ๐Ÿ˜‰

Tess has been wanting to help Britt with chores and Britt is so patient with her!

Parent life. It only took 7 years for frames on our photo wall to break! Not too bad!

This month I started watching Game of Thrones. Zach has LOVED it since the beginning but I resisted b/c honestly I just don’t watch a lot of TV. But yall it’s SO GOOD. 

We had a lot of baby focus this month! We worked on putting together the puzzle

And I started re-reading Babywise

(For the record…I didn’t even get through the first chapter haha!!! Luckily I pretty much know it by heart at this point)

Zach put tougher all of our baby stuff FOR THE LAST TIME (cue the tears)

And we did our traditional shopping trip for the baby’s coming home outfit. Each pregnancy we go to Carter’s and pick out one boy outfit and one girl outfit for the new baby to wear home from the hospital. It was fun knowing we were having a boy this time! Not only did we get the going home outfit but we also got all the kids matching Christmas pjs and picked out a few outfits for Tab to have. Zach is just SO ADORABLE when it comes to shopping for the kids. He kept picking out things and saying “this is so cute.” and “he needs this.” It was precious and we ended up with a lot more stuff than we’d normally buy for sure! 

The kids wanted to get him a special gift to give him when they met him for the first time. Tess kept picking out all these girly things and saying “but he WILL like unicorns!” Haha!

Ready for our new baby!!!

We had our flu shots this month and I took this video of each of the kids coping mechanisms. Yall usually my kids are AWESOME when it comes to shots. But this was a straight up NIGHTMARE situation. I’m talking sobbing and yelling and having to hold them down (not Kye haha). Tess kept screaming “I DON’T LIKE IT!” over and over. Next year we will have a better game plan (like daddy coming with us haha). 

One of my worst fears also happened this month. Zach was out of town and MY ALARM WENT OFF. It was saying “FIRE” which I mean hello I can’t smell so that was pretty nerve wracking. I couldn’t decide if I should get the kids all up and bolt or what if it was saying “fire” but was really an intruder? I called 911 and they said to call my alarm company. I was SO SCARED. And of course my dang safe for my gun had a dead battery so I couldn’t even get my gun out! It took forever for the alarm to call me back and they said it was an issue with the system (WHY DOES THAT ONLY HAPPEN IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT?!?!) so to call back in the morning. So of course I couldn’t sleep the rest of the night b/c adrenaline plus the inability to set my alarm. Two adorable little kids (literally they looked 12) came out the next day and it was SO FUNNY. They were hispanic and their accents added to their adorableness. They checked my system and said “it’s okay miss lady you just had roach in your alarm” OH COOL. Hahaha I about died. At least it’s working now…$70 later. Of course! 

I’m not sharing a bunch of outfits this month (I linked to what I wore at Disney and Hawaii in those posts) but did wanna share this one shirt! 

I’ve talked about this shirt a good bit and have had several people ask about length. Yall it’s PERFECT. This shirt fits AMAZING. Super sliming and a great length!

And TONS of patterns to choose from AND it doesn’t shrink or get all wrinkled up in the wash either! 

You can check it out here! 


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