Family Fun May 2018

All of our family fun from May:

Every year I forget about May the 4th Be With You Day 😉 But this year I made it a priority to remember!!!

Rocked their Star Wars gear to school!


Zach and I have really been stepping up our date night game lately. I think the craziness of life with four makes us be more intentional in pouring into each other. We have actually never been on a double date and had plans this month to go on one with friends of ours but they had to cancel so we still went just us!

We tried out Wahoo Grill which is now out of business and rightfully so. The service was terrible and rude (not our actual server but the other ones) and the food made me legit SICK.

Zach was out of town this month at an Aflac meeting and a friend of his was their with him. He posted a video on FB of the event and it showed some CRAZY loud people. I commented “please pan over to my husband who is probably putting whatever random objects he can find in his ears to block this out”

It’s HILARIOUS how well I know Zach. His friend responded with this picture and let me know that this had occurred much earlier in the evening and that by the time the video was taken Zach had already had enough and was back in his room haha

Every year the kids’ school hosts an Art Show night where families can come see all their artwork on display. It was so cute how excited and proud Kye and Britt were (Britt especially being that it was her first year). I asked if they wanted to just wear their school clothes and they opted to change to be “fancier” instead 🙂 Sweet babies!

Even though all the artwork gets sent home it was still fun to see it on display!

Some of our sweet friends from church also happen to live in our neighborhood and invited us over for dinner this month. We thought we knew where they lived and the kids and Zach rode the golf cart…but smart mama drove in the car 😉 It turned out Zach didn’t know where they lived and we had quite the detour until we ended up calling and finding out haha

We had SUCH a fun night with the West family and hope to host them at our place soon!

Tessie and Rivers

Epic slip and slide fun!

video 1

video 2

Over Spring Break we had planned to take the kids to Cocoa Beach. All our babies experienced the beach for the first time in or near Cocoa Beach and we wanted Spear to have that same experience. Well. Over Spring Break it was TOO cold to do it so we planned a weekend in May to go. The May weekend came and it was SUCH bad weather in the area. Like downpour rain and storms. Since we’d already planned it out as a weekend to work on the Disney House Zach and Kye made the trip down to get those things done and have some guy time while I stuck to the house with the girls and Spear.

We hit up the playground for some fun!

Had someone refer to Spear as “her” at the park…first time that has happened! Maybe it’s the comb over?

Playground Fun while Mommy and Spear walked some laps!

Stroller fans are a must-have in South Georgia

(they don’t make mine anymore and truly I should probably upgrade to one like this!)

The girls just wanted to SWIM so we did a little night swimming (aka swimming at like 6 pm haha) and they thought they were THE coolest.

Deep End jumps together!

Sleepover in Tess’s room…and they actually made it the entire night!

The next morning when we woke up at 6:45ish I happened to remember it was the day of the royal wedding and turned on the tv just to see what was up and it just so happened to be THE moment that she walked down the aisle!!!

I personally am NOT into all the royal family stuff what-so-ever but mannnn that wedding sucked me innnnn.

What better thing to do with the girls than watch an American princess wed her prince?!?!

So many fun memes going around that day too that I couldn’t resist sharing. I personally LOVED Meghan’s entire look. The minimal makeup, the dress, all of it. I do agree that the dress needed one more fitting/adjustment but it was beautiful!

Here are Britt’s thoughts on the wedding

and Tess’s 🙂 

We made THE right choice in not going to the beach!!!

How Magic Kingdom looked that day…so thankful we weren’t there. Zach and Kye got caught in a HUGE rainstorm while driving!

They had some great bonding time and enjoyed getting pizza at a local place near our Disney House that we hadn’t tried yet…and they even got to go to Dave and Busters which is Kye’s new favorite spot 🙂

I love that my husband takes a picture of a board game when they roll a CRAZY chance roll…what are the odds of both of them rolling 3 5’s?!?!

The kids were so cute missing each other and kept wanting to FaceTime

Sweet Sister Moments

The girls did SO great with the lazier weekend. We just hunkered down at the house and I was able to get ahead on a lot of blogging related stuff and they had fun together. The guys got home Sunday and it was GIRL TIME! We went to the Dollar Store to get some items for summer activities I had planned and then headed to every girl’s favorite store: Target, duh.

I was soooooo pumped for all the fun Disney – Target items for this summer!!!

I told the girls they could each get one little prize at the Dollar Store and Tessie reallllly wanted a Mickey water bottle. I love how much she loves Mickey and hydration.

Gimmie alllll the Mickeys!!!

I was so pumped for all the Disney – Target collaboration items that I put together my very first YouTube video:

Britt and her love for stuffed animals…I did NOT buy her this. But she really wanted it so she used her money for it. I know stuffed animals are a pain in the butt however I also love that she loves them because I totally did too as a kid!

I swear yall. I do brush her hair. And I brush it WELL. Now you see why it’s in a pony 99% of the time haha

We had a special girl night dinner at Red Lobster

(or as Tess calls it “Red Mobster”)


I love their clam chowder!

How about that service? They brought a lobster to our table to hold!

Couldn’t pass up on some chocolate dessert.

How I look while eating chocolate too 😉

Not the same night but same topic…who would you think is a messier eater…a 3 year old or 6 year old?

Time with my girls is so special 🙂

Sweet sisters! They LOVE matching!

I love quality time with my kids but it’s also valuable to me to have quality time with friends too. As life gets busier, I come to appreciate my friends even more and am just so thankful for the times we spend together. Unplugging from our everyday lives. Venting when needed. Laughing over shared experiences. I’m blessed in the friendship department and never take those bonds for granted!

For Book Club this month we read The Woman in the Window and met up at Olive Garden to discuss and then saw the movie Book Club after (I mean when you’re in a book club and a movie comes out titled Book Club you HAVE to see it together right?!?). Our meet up happened to fall on Katie’s birthday so we made it extra special!!!

And when we got to the theater some Star Wars friends met us there!

I guess this group does events, I need to look more into it as they were really awesome and Kye would FREAK.

When we bought the Disney Rental House we knew there were many upgrades we wanted to make. We discussed it and agreed that it was silly to buy brand new items for a rental home when so many of the things we own in our home are quickly reaching a decade old and are 90% from Ikea. Not that the Ikea stuff hasn’t held up great but it made more sense to replace our stuff from home with new things and move our older items to the rental!

The first thing the Disney house needed was an entertainment center! I found this one on a pretty good deal in December. We love it but it made our super old coffee and end tables look even older and in need of replacing. So this month we got new ones and were so happy with how well they matched the entertainment center!

The rental also really needed a pull out couch to add the ability for two more adults to sleep there (so it can now sleep 14 rather than 12!). We have really loved our couch and truly didn’t want to replace it but I was super proud of myself for being so decisive with what I wanted!

The only problem was that when the couch arrived it was almost an exact match of our chase lounge. Luckily the new couch is bigger than our old one so the space actually looks better no longer using our chase lounge anyway!

I need to do a new post to update our Living Room once I get the entire space done being redecorated!

New couch = new boxes!

We have been in our house for 8 years now and there are def some things we need to upgrade…pretty high on our list is NEW CARPET. We have SUCH cheap carpet and have both loathed it since the day we moved in. We also need new countertops. We went with formica when we moved in to keep costs down and Zach is researching on how to do concrete ones himself. Lots of big changes coming in the next year or so!

So many helpers 🙂

Finished product! I LOVE the curve of the couch!

The coffee table, end table and couch are all from Wayfair.

We are also working on decor for the Disney house. I got these super cute prints from to add some Disney touches!

I had a killer Target coupon for 15% off my entire purchase plus the regular 5% off with Red Card so I got ALL our groceries for the month as well as other house needs!

This year I decided to go with EASY end of the year teacher gifts. I saw this idea on Pinterest with a  free printable (here!) and rolled with it. Each teacher got a cute oven mitt, whisk and bag of cookie mix. They seemed to be appreciated and it took a lot of stress off my shoulders!

Zach frequently gets asked to play in golf tournaments because he’s a pretty decent golfer 😉 And this month it paid off and he won this beautiful piece of furniture! I LOVE it but literally have no clue as to what to do with it. We may end up just selling it because we don’t have anywhere to put it and it doesn’t really go with any of our current home decor. For now it’s living in our garage!

Have to get a pic when twinning with Mrs Liz!

The kids have become quite the fort builders! I love when they get creative together!

Let. Them. Be. Bored.

Yall the kids get so creative and have SO MUCH FUN when I ignore the “I’m bored” comments and let them figure things out. They came up with this entire obstacle course!

This is one of my go-to desserts! Blondies! YUM!

I also made these for the first time and they were super yummy.

While I love taking trips…planning and anticipating the trips is such a big part of the enjoyment! Katie, Robyn and I are heading to NYC this November!!! We scored our tickets for both Frozen AND Mean Girls and cannot WAIT!

As I was planning things out I happened to look at our summer. Y’all. I don’t know how we’re going to function with SO MUCH GOING ON. It’s gonna be a crazy-packed summer!!!

I’ve been learning more and more about essential orders and place an order each month. I LOVE the vitality line as it’s safe to ingest and I love putting drops in my water throughout the day. I’ve also been loving the Seedlings line for Spear! You can learn more about Young Living and some of my favorite items here 🙂 

As I prepped to head on mine and Zach’s romantic Disney getaway I was cracking up when making the schedule for Mrs Charlotte. When I left Kye for the first time it was like 20 something pages of typed notes. Leaving all four kids for the first time? It’s one side of one page of paper handwritten haha!

My Looks for the Month (Amazon links are affiliate):

I know I always mention the Luxe Shirts from Old Navy but seriously…they are legit awesome

As are the Rockstar Pants!

Tunic: Amazon

Shoes: Hawaii but also on Amazon

Dress: Amazon

Purse: Amazon

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