Family Fun: August 2016

August was such a busy month! Transitioning from summer to school but still trying to squeeze in as much fun as possible πŸ™‚

We celebrated Zach’s birthday

 And finished up all our home study paper work

I got glasses in 2nd grade. I was watching an episode of Full House about when Stephanie learned that she needed glasses and realized I needed them too haha. True story! Turns out I was pretty much blind. Like my worst fear growing up was that I’d get kidnapped in my sleep and wouldn’t have my glasses to see to escape haha. 

I was pretty pumped to get lasik when Zach and I were engaged (2006). Well. That didn’t go so well (You can see my post about that experience here) and I had to have it done again. I’ve had mega dry eye issues ever sense and have these things in my tear ducts to help produce tears. Overall though I can see pretty decent. Every time I have a baby my vision gets worse though (something I wish I’d known PRIOR to freaking Lasik). I got glasses a few years ago just for night driving because I have MEGA bad halo issues. Even those glasses weren’t working after I had Tess and it just got worse and worse to the point that even driving during the day was tough b/c I couldn’t read anything. I finally broke down and went into the eye dr and, yup, I need glasses for driving. And for tv watching. And for blogging. Blah. I got two pairs so I can have one at the computer/tv and another in the car. I’m kinda rocking the nerd status right? πŸ˜‰ Z randomly loves them!

Ran into my fellow 4 eyes friend in the parking lot after I picked ’em up!

I was kinda doing the most this month in the non-mom duty life. It was my first time having NO KIDS at home with me (only two mornings a week) since I was pregnant with Britt. I get SO MUCH DONE on those mornings! I also took a good bit of time for myself in the evenings too this month which was great πŸ™‚

Casey and I got coffee with The Lunch Date Diva herself!

Aunt Karen lead an AWESOME lady’s class on prayer and Mrs. Charlotte, Casey and I grabbed dinner after πŸ™‚

We also had a wonderful time at Keeli’s baby shower!

And Zach surprised me with a DATE NIGHT! I swear we need to make these a more regular thing! I even budget for it each month but somehow the months slip by and we don’t have a date night! 

He got us tickets to a fundraiser event that was a murder mystery dinner show…

It was def that local theater vibe. Which was FINE but it just wasn’t exactly what we were anticipating haha We still had a blast just were a little let down because we thought it’d be more of a legit mystery!

I’ve been working on my own personal goals with weight loss / getting healthy. Really I’m just wanting to kinda stay around the 130 range. I don’t want to stop enjoying food or having fun but wanna keep myself in check! I work out daily and do my best to count those calories but I’m def not depriving myself of anything I want either πŸ˜‰ All about that balance! It was fun to hit 130 on the scale and to sell all my “too big” shorts and go shopping for new clothes in my new sizes!

I took a celeb style quiz once and it said my results were Jessica Alba. I saw this in a magazine and realized that quiz was def right (hello we share a love for pineapples!). 

I talked about this in an adoption summary post but I bought a pregnancy test this month b/c I had the WEIRDEST period ever. I was super crazy mega late so I took a test just to make sure. It was a weird mixture of emotions seeing that negative. I mean I don’t WANT to be pregnant but thinking that I’ll never WANT to see a positive again was sad too. 

The big exciting news this month was that MY DAD and AUDREY CAME TO VISIT!!!! Y’all I couldn’t believe it!!!! I was soooooo excited! They mentioned coming down for a day to see us and I had it on my calendar but Dad’s job has caused plans to be canceled in the past so I didn’t get my hopes up. It was THE MOST PERFECT DAY! I wanted to make sure to be a great hostess and wanted to give them a taste of the south so I made cube steak in the crock pot along with butter beans, our fav corn on the cobb, mashed potatoes, my famous sweet tea and home made ice cream!

They arrived while the girls were napping. Kye skipped nap and we all visited some and then the girls got up and we hit the pool. I will NEVER forget the pool experience. Both Dad and Audrey got in and PLAYED with the kids. Dad and Kye had a water gun war and Britt was SO precious with Audrey playing princess. After swimming we ate dinner and played games and visited some more before the kids went to bed and they headed out. I know I already said it but it bears repeating: it was THE MOST AWESOME DAY. I just can’t even describe how happy and full it made my heart. I called them crying the next day just letting them know I much I love them both and how thankful I am for them! Hearing the kids talk about their time with Grandpa and Grammie was just the best feeling! I want my children to have close ties with my family and making those memories was just priceless!!! I’m super hopeful getting to see each other will become something we can make a priority. I’d love even just to plan on some face-to-face time twice a year with them! Of course I wish it could be even more than that but I’d love if it that often could happen πŸ™‚ I have THE most precious picture of them with the kids (Britt was so obsessed with Audrey and she’s hugging all over her…so sweet) but it was post-swimming and I promised not to post it here πŸ˜‰ I do have it framed in my house though!

Dad was HILARIOUS haha

This month we also gathered as a family to honor Silas. I loved that Casey wanted to plant a tree for him out at Mema’s and we all got together to plant it and say a few words. Britt has especially been very connected to Silas and Casey throughout this time. It’s really the first experience with loss she’s ever had and it’s been heavy on her heart. She prays for Casey CONSTANTLY and is so sweet about it all. She made a precious card for Silas and wanted to write “Britt loves Silas” on it πŸ™‚ 

Kye made a special box for Silas with little notes on it too πŸ™‚

Little Mama brought balloons out to the farm and the kids all let one go

(no need to comment about turtles choking on balloons…we don’t live anywhere near the ocean)

I’m so thankful that it was such a positive and healing experience for Casey. Honoring Silas was important to us all and it was such a wonderful night together. 

We also celebrated Big Daddy’s birthday this month! I’m thankful it worked out where the kids and I could go and Zach could meet us there! Big Daddy is 89 now and loves his set routine haha It makes it tough to see him as often as we’d like but it was such a wonderful night honoring such a great man. 

Cards for the birthday boy!

Kye’s was so funny b/c he kept mentioning how close Big Daddy is to 100 πŸ˜‰ 

Kye CRACKED ME UP at the dinner. It was a pretty large crew of us at this small local pizza place. Kye insisted that he wanted a small table to sit BY HIMSELF. Such a Mr Rusty move and it had me laughing. He wasn’t upset or anything, he just wanted to sit quietly and enjoy his meal without all the craziness πŸ˜‰

Britt on the other hand shines in a crowd. She LOVES the attention and knows how to get it πŸ˜‰ She was ALL about some Big Daddy. It was so precious and I know it made his day even more special!

Who the heck cut that cake haha

Priceless memories πŸ™‚

The blog had a little bit of fame this month! I had a friend let me know that Kye’s picture and a link to my blog was featured on the homepage! How cool is that?

Free stuff is always fun! This month we received a free Zootopia toy and had a themed Zootopia night to celebrate πŸ™‚

Best garage sale find ever! Paid $4 for this popcorn machine and it works great!

This month kicked off the girls going to school together. I have LOVED seeing their bond grow and strengthen through this shared experience. It’s PRECIOUS. Britt is SO proud to have Tess at her school and it makes me super glad we made the decision to go ahead and send her this year πŸ™‚ 

They love sitting up front together in the drop off line!

I can’t even πŸ˜‰

My girls!!!

Stories from the Month (Now that I’m so into IG Stories I need a place to share ’em!):

I’m so thankful for my precious family and love getting to make so many wonderful memories together each month! 


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