Everything takes longer than expected…

Pretty much nothing ever goes right on the first try for me! And poor Zach now has the same bad luck I do 🙂

He has a busy work week this week (again! but it’s a blessing with this economy!) and I really want to get ALL the Christmas stuff done (and Clover’s room) so we can enjoy it! Every year it seems like we don’t do it until the last minute so we don’t even get to enjoy our house all decorated because we travel so much around the holidays. This coming weekend will be our only weekend in Valdosta the whole month so I wanted to get it all done this week 🙂

We rushed after he got off work to cut down our tree and of course they were closed because it was close to dark but we sweet talked them into letting us pick one out really quick!

We get it home, in the door, and in the tree stand to find out that the guys were so rushed that they didn’t even out the bottom. It was soooo crooked! Poor Zach! We laid down a blanket then put the tree on our floor so he could bring in his saw and even it out.

After all that the tree still wasn’t even! So Zach ghetto-rigged it (it’s our go to last resort option with all things!). He drilled a piece of wood to the bottom of the tree stand and then used two 5 lb weights and a full can of paint to keep it from falling over!

While in the middle of all the tree mess, I had spent the day doing laundry and came to find out that our dryer is broken! Zach is an awesome handy-man but he isn’t as skilled with electronic stuff so we ended up having a guy from our old church come over and look at it. Luckily he said it just needs some $10 new part but of course I have wet clothes hanging all over the house!

Finally, at like 9:30 we got to start decorating our tree! Sadie and Levi love Christmastime 🙂

We ended up buying a new star because our old one is a cheap Walmart thing and we had to buy a new tree skirt because we don’t own one (last year we did a Shell themed tree and had a tan skirt so that wouldn’t work now!). It may have taken us a lloooong time to get it done but it looks good and I love that I have almost an entire month to enjoy it!!!

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