Evening at Hollywood Studios Oct 2017

After our morning at Animal Kingdom and some nice downtime in the room we headed to finish out our Disney Days at Hollywood Studios! Our absolute favorite Disney day EVER was earlier this year at DHS so we were all excited to go back. 

Tess was not happy about being woken up from nap. These crack me up though…I guess the force is with four of us πŸ˜‰ 

As a special birthday surprise for Britt we met Doc McStuffins! My kids are a bit behind when it comes to entertainment and that’s intentional on my part. I’m trying to keep them as young and innocent for as long as I can πŸ˜‰ Britt just recently started to LOVE Doc McStuffins (after the Easter Bunny brought our kids a dvd of the episode where Doc’s family adopts!) and she didn’t even know that there was a character meet and greet. She was so excited! 

Tess and Kye opted to sit out of the meet and greet but you know me and Britt were all about it! 

We were all also really excited for the new BB8 meet and greet! He’s AWESOME!

I hadn’t planned for us to meet Chewy but we had the time and ALL three of the kids really wanted to do it (of course when it was actually our turn Tess didn’t have any interest). Chewy is for sure a top meet and greet experience.

Kye could spend some serious time exploring in the Star Wars area and he will be so thrilled when the new Star Wars land opens. He’s our Star Wars expert!

A cast member came over and showed us THE smallest hidden Mickey in the parks! It’s so small I couldn’t even really get a good picture of it. But in this ship is a poster hanging up with a tiny Mickey on it!!!

We had a bit of downtime until our fastpass for Toy Story Mania so it was the perfect snack break πŸ˜‰ 

LOVE this!!!

Also so excited for the Toy Story area to open!

Proof that she IS happy and DOES have fun and DOES know how to smile…just not on demand πŸ˜‰ 

Love the chance to ride stuff with Kye!

#boom #mamawins

But Daddy won overall. #whatever

Super smart to have screens playing Disney Jr shows while waiting for Disney Jr Live on Stage! Tess LOVED watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!

Disney Jr Live on Stage may be an experience many families consider skipping unless they have little ones but even KYE still loves it!

The roaming Storm Troopers are totally my favorite and I hope it’s something they keep in the new land.

Ready for Frozen! We ALL love it and it’s always hilarious! 

Furthest we’ve ever sat back…the only disadvantage was the lack of snow our area received. Having a fastpass we thought we had all kinds of time but it turns out if you miss your early entry fastpass window then there really is no advantage to having it! 

We love Frozen!

Now that Britt is starting to watch the Star Wars movies she is a lot more interested in all the Star Wars stuff…so this time we got a fastpass for her along with the boys for Star Tours. 

She is NOT a fan of adventurous rides (like her mama) but y’all Zach said she was SO FUN and that she absolutely LOVED it. She said it was her favorite thing we did on the entire trip! 

Poor Tess really struggled with being left out. I’ve always had an easy time because Britt doesn’t WANT to be riding things that the boys ride but Tess? She kept crying and crying saying “I wanna ride rollercoaster. I big girl!”

Bless her. 

She’s 36 inches right now so maybe she’ll be 38 by next visit and be able to ride more things! Of course she’s my shortest kid and the one who has been the most eager to ride the thrill rides!

It was raining pretty steady at this point in the afternoon so we hung out at the gift shop to wait on the rest of our crew. 

After Star Tours the boys headed to ride Tower of Terror and the girls and I went to meet Olaf!

Olaf was AWESOME. I’m a pretty jumpy person and the kids and Z always love scaring me because they can get a reaction out of me so easily…Olaf must be in on that secret because he jumped around the corner when it was our turn and I literally shrieked! It started our time with him out on an awesome foot and even his cast members were super fun. I think the rain makes everyone silly, including snowmen πŸ˜‰ 

Olaf even got Tessie smiling πŸ˜‰ 

The guys doing their thing! I felt bad we weren’t able to get Rock’n Rollercoaster and that the line was CRAZY long. Def something we’ll prioritize next visit!

I know it’s hard to believe since we’re pretty hardcore Disney people…but we’ve NEVER seen Fantasmic!

I’ve heard it’s scary so I’ve never planned to take my littles and often when the kids are young we skip late night stuff. But this trip I was all about making it happen. And y’all. I cannot BELIEVE you guys let me wait this long! OH MY GOODNESS. 

Hands down best night show EVER. 

We had a bit of a cluster with the whole thing. The boys got there first and got seats and when I was trying to meet them (in the dark, in the rain, with the double stroller) I struggled to find them. The line for Fantasmic is CRAZY long but I didn’t know it was the fastpass line and not the general entrance one. Once I made it to the right place it was a lot smoother sailing. 

I don’t think a fastpass is a must have for this, we didn’t have one and we had awesome seats in the second row on the right of the center section. No complaints here about our seats. I do think it’d be great to do one of the dessert or dining events just to be able to not stress about the seating situation. And I’d also love to see it again when it’s not raining πŸ˜‰ 

We all LOVED it SO much. Yes. IT IS scary. BUT there are so many great lessons in it that it truly can be used as a parenting tool. Mickey fights his “bad dreams” and WINS. We can all face our fears and conquer the things that hold us back. 

It was truly a complete show. It had everything. A story line, a plot, drama, characters, fireworks, fire, boats, literally IT ALL. We all agreed it’s our favorite and Tess LOVED it. SO much Mickey time!!!

The boat at the end was EVERYTHING. Especially since Moana was on it! PERFECT end to our trip! 

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One last Disney post left and then we move on to Hawaii πŸ˜‰ 

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