Epcot Morning November 2016

We had a packed week! The morning after our day at Magic Kingdom we headed over to Epcot! I was excited to having a full day set aside for Epcot. We’ve never done a full day at that park. We’ve only ever park hopped there and have always loved it! 

I adore the Itty Bittys from Hallmark.  I much prefer them over the Tsum Tsums that Disney makes. I just think they are SO cute and such a great size! They are my favorite Disney prize for the kids for sure πŸ™‚ 

At park opening we headed straight to the Elsa and Anna character meeting! We heard the line is very fast flowing now but still wanted to go there first to go ahead and knock it out. There is no fast pass for this character meeting!

I learned from a cast member that the character meeting is Anna and Elsa’s “Sommerhus” which is pronounced Summer Hoose (Moose with an H) and means their summer home. I learned that in Norway it’s common for people to have a summer home where they go for any vacation time and they just truly use it to completely relax! 

This girl was SO PUMPED!

Life with three kids at Disney means I struggle to be intentional with my picture taking. I told Mrs Charlotte to remind me to get pics of HER in them! I’m bad about including the adults in the pics and I want to make sure to capture the special moments of their G-Mama there with them πŸ™‚ 

Both Anna and Elsa are in the same room (the lines are quicker because there are two rooms if you get what I’m saying…)

Anna showed off the A on the back of her boots!

Elsa’s turn!

This is SUCH a favorite pic for me. I love how Kye and Britt are holding hands and they are just so entranced with Elsa. True Disney Magic right here!!!

Tess’s princess pose is on pointe…Britt’s dress not so much πŸ˜‰

Outfit talk:

Britt’s and Tess’s dresses are my hands-down favorite outfits from the entire trip. I was SO excited about them! I got them both from Ali Express and they are GREAT quality.  This is the direct link (yes, they were legit only $10-$12!). Both were a little big (I ordered their true sizes). The button was falling off of Britt’s when we received it so Zach sewed it tighter when he put it on. Otherwise they fit super well and I was SO happy with them! I loved how comfortable and lightweight they were but how they were still so princess-like. Perfect Elsa and Anna look for my two favorite sisters!

I got both of their shoes from Kohls. I struggle with girls shoes for Disney (I don’t want to put them in tennis shoes…mostly b/c they don’t even own any and because they just aren’t CUTE) and have found that having a sneaker like bottom is crucial! These were the BEST shoes for them both on the trip and I will only be buying these type of shoes from now on (not just for Disney but also for everyday life! They are CUTE and comfortable!!!). 

Tiaras are just cheap drug store ones πŸ˜‰ 

Kye’s shirt is Target and his hat is Amazon

I really, really wanted to find an Elsa shirt to wear because I knew the girls would love it! I already owned the kimono and thought it fit the Elsa vibe (it’s from H&M) and ended up getting the Elsa tank from Amazon…it’s actually a pj shirt and came with matching panties ha!

Frosty is Britt’s favorite!

Isn’t the back of their dresses gorgeous???

Next up was Nemo! We had FP for it even though they are zero percent needed. But if you CAN get fp why not get them?

I knew she’d love all the animals and I was right! 

Turtle Talk with Crush is SO FUN and Kye got to ask a question!

Video one

Video two πŸ™‚ (Crush asked Kye what was he made of?)

This morning was probably the lowest point of the trip for me. Tess was just not in a good place. I’m sure it was part sickness, part sleepiness from the big day the day prior, and part just in a new place/overwhelmed, and part toddler! She was whiney and fussy and just pretty miserable. I’m not used to her being an issue so it throws me for a loop and upsets me. Especially having a difficult child AT Disney! She fussed most of the time in line for Elsa and Anna. She loved Nemo and Crush but then got very upset when we were walking around the aquarium portion (which we only did b/c we knew how much she’d love the animals!). It was just a tough time with her that morning! I was thankful we planned her off day for the next day because she needed it!

Reading all the info πŸ˜‰

We also had FP for Spaceship Earth. Again, you don’t typically need FP for it but since we love it why not? Tess and I rode together and it was good together time that we needed! It really is a relaxing ride and gave her that time to calm down and reset πŸ™‚ She was super cute as we all hung out in the area outside the ride looking for our ride pics. 

MUCH happier toddler!!! AND even in the stroller! Whhhat?!?! πŸ˜‰

We had very little planned for the morning at Epcot. Really our whole Epcot day was pretty chill on the planning. There just isn’t a ton of rides there that REALLY are worth doing more than once? Figment is okay, Living with the Land was good for a one time thing (I do think Tess would have liked it b/c the boats!), The Lion King thing was something we’d never do again. 

Instead of riding a ride we didn’t really WANT to ride, we wanted to use up some park time to meet characters. I let the kids pick between meeting Joy and Sadness or Baymax. Both of these character meetings probably won’t be around forever. So I loved that the kids will have these memories and pics to show their kids someday! Everyone agreed on Baymax and I’m so glad b/c I was pretty pumped to see what he’d feel like and how he’d move!

This kid is so into being cool haha

The line was long. But it was the only thing we had planned before leaving for naps so Daddy was super sweet about waiting in it. He did suggest for me to take the kids out for a bit to give them some space to run and play etc. As we left, Baymax left his meet and greet and tried to leave with us! It was hilarious!!! The cast member had to come get him and had to explain to him that he couldn’t fit through the roped walkway haha

Epcot is pretty spaced out and there was NOTHING nearby so we just hung out for a little bit and then agreed that a snack was in order so we headed back in!

Silliness and Snacks made the time go quick!

Baymax is amazing. He’s SO soft yet smooth at the same time. It’s a really interesting material and is exactly what you would expect from the movie! He doesn’t speak or do autographs but was VERY interactive and it was a great experience!!!

He loved Britt’s dress and wanted to jump with her!

When you meet Baymax…you HAVE to do the fist bump!

Tess is at her happiest when she’s able to WALK without being in the stroller!

It was a pretty chill morning at Epcot. Our plan for each of the three remaining park days was to go back for naps. Part of the advantage of staying so close was that we could go back and nap so easily! It was GREAT and I can’t imagine how rough the trip would have been if we all didn’t get that nap time, especially with none of us feeling too great (I can’t remember exactly how everyone felt at what stage in the trip but Zach and I both were downing Advil Cold and Sinus like candy!)

Of course miss fussy was SUPER cute and silly as we left the park πŸ˜‰

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