Enjoying Our Backyard “Pool”

I’m slacking! I just uploaded the pictures off my camera and realized I forgot to post the ones from two Saturdays ago! Oops!

It was a nice day and we had ZERO plans so we thought it’d be fun to let Kye play in our blow up pool. We did it back on Father’s Day in June but Little Guy has changed a lot since then and we knew he’s love it!
We brought out some of his bath toys (meaning his ducks as it’s all the bath toys the kid has) and let him go to town. He and I played in the pool for an HOUR and he had a blast!!!

I tried to get him to wear his new beach hat we bought him for Cancun (b/c the sun there is intense) but it didn’t last long…at least I got a couple pics of it 🙂

Trying to reach the duckies was the favorite game of the day. Here’s a video of him “swimming” to the duck!

When he wasn’t splashing around trying to “swim” he was enjoying his yummy reward…duck kisses!

Doesn’t he look like he’s in deep concentration? haha

Action shot of him splashing

Puckered up for a duck kiss!

I LOVE that he can sit up now as it makes things so much more fun! I was able to just sit in the pool and enjoy him and not have to worry about him falling over. When he did fall he always fell forward and loved it! He got water in his mouth several times but it didn’t seem to phase him a bit. I can’t WAIT until the day comes that we have a REAL pool in our backyard but until then I think time in the play pool is important to keep him loving the water 🙂

Once his fingers started looking all shriveled it was time to get out. He just laid in the towel soaking up the warmth from the sun. Such a fun time together!

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