End of School for 2020-2021

We are truly just SO thankful that the kids were all able to attend school in person for the entire 2020-2021 school year. Yes, the rules and guidelines and mask-wearing made it a different kinda year. It was FAR from normal. BUT it was in person. With their peers. And we ALL felt that gratitude the entire school year.

Spear loved his preschool class, and thankfully they were VERY close to normal this year, and I think he was the only one who didn’t have the “summertime itch” as he had no desire to stop going to school!

He had a fantastic year and learned so much and enjoyed making friends (and you can barely even see the bald spot on his head in these pics…pretty proud of my styling skills haha).

Celebrating the last day with a fun party! His teacher said he thanked her like three times for the Cheetos 😉

Spear gets out of school a week prior to the big kids and his last day was also the day that Kye had the 6th Grade Honors Program. I am really impressed that the middle school does an invite list of the students who are being recognized and the program is ONLY for those students and their families. In the “everyone gets a trophy” world that we live in it’s refreshing to see that sort of set up!

Being a first timer in the middle school world I had no clue what to expect and didn’t realize it was such a big deal or a big honor to be invited/included. Kye received THREE awards. Honor Roll with Distinction, Most Outstanding Computer Science Student and the Social Studies Award (which apparently means he had the highest overall GPA in social studies for that teacher of all the students she taught, I think anyway ha!).

I am just beyond proud of Kye and SO thankful for this school year and how AWESOME it has been for him! He has truly found his place and it is all any mama wants is for her baby to be so well adjusted and feeling confidence and joy and growing where they are planted!

It was SO nice to get to meet his teachers (well I mean one of his teachers is Zach’s dad’s first cousin so I mean we already knew her since she’s family!) and to hear all the kind words they had to say about him. They are just as proud of him as we are!

I feel bad I didn’t have Zach or Mrs Charlotte come to the ceremony bc I assumed it wasn’t a big deal thing but if/when Kye gets invited next year we will make sure to better arrange schedules!

I then headed BACK to the school the next day to get to see the archery team be recognized for their winning of the State Championship! The county chairman commissioner came to recognize and honor them and present them with the official document proclaiming May 20th an official day for them in our county! Pretty cool!

It was also crazy to finally see his coach without a mask on haha all season we’d only ever seen her wearing a mask! It was nice that by the end of the school year we could start loosening up some of those rules and allow for photos with mask-free faces.

While we ALL were so grateful for the in person learning experiences, we were also super ready for summertime! It was TIME for some chill time and lazy sunfilled days ahead!

The girls also had fantastic years. First grade was the first school year that Tess REALLY loved. She loved her class, her teacher, her sweet friends. And I could SEE her personality really blossom this year! It’s been so fun to witness!

And Britt has been a shining light in 3rd grade. She has been an includer and has made so many wonderful friends in the process. She loves to learn and has excelled in school and I am so proud of her!

It was a fantastic school year and we kicked off summer with hopes that 100% NORMALCY would return by fall and that these masked days are oooooverrrrrr.

Kye had a fun outdoor day on the last day and got a pic with Mrs Robyn 😉 It has been a blessing to have her there with him this year. It’s crazy she’s been in his life since he was around 6 months old! There were times when he would lean on her and it means a lot to me as a mom knowing that he has a person he can trust while at school.

I happened to see some Dunkaroos at Sam’s and SNATCHED ‘EM UP. Perfect last day of school celebration treat!!!

Proud of ALL of my babies and eager to have them HOME with me for the summer!

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