Easter Party at the Park

The morning after the wedding we loaded up to head home. We were EXHAUSTED. Staying up past midnight both nights and having such busy days made for some sleepy parents. Even though we didn’t really feel like it…I felt it was important for us to attend our neighborhood Easter party. Kye’s surgery was the next day (I know, kinda a lot at once but I knew the wedding rush would keep my mind off the surgery, and it worked!) and I wanted us to do something fun as a family.

Right when we got there Kye started to hunt…joke was on him as they hadn’t hidden the eggs yet 😉

The bjorn was MADE for babies like Britt…she loves being able to see what’s going on!

Our neighborhood has a wonderful park and I’m so thankful for it! There’s a huge playground, swings, shady spots with benches for picnics, a walking track, and even a bathroom. We really don’t use it often enough but when we do I always appreciate having it. For parties the HOA also rents out big jump houses and Kye LOVES them!

Kye also loves that they serve juice boxes at neighborhood events!

Time for the hunt!

It’s funny because last year for Kye’s age group they had empty eggs with no prizes. Personally, I didn’t mind that. I mean they are too young to be eating candy and junk! I guess a lot of people complained about the empty eggs so this year his age group (he’s still in the baby/toddler age group until next year I think) had candy in them. But it was chocolate and bubble gum. Duh, chocolate was totally melted (I learned that lesson myself last year!) and bubble gum?!?! I am always SHOCKED at the number of parents who allow their toddlers to chew bubble gum. It’s not safe. I’ve even had him come home from school with it before when a parent has brought it as a treat. It’s a big choking hazard people! Not to get preachy or anything but it really does annoy me how candy is offered at everything and all the time. Yes, it takes a little creativity to think up other prizes to offer for events but it’s worth the effort. Cut up some stickers! The kids in this age would love that this as much!!! I didn’t have any candy in Kye’s goody bags at his party (or school) and they were still a hit! We wonder why obesity is so common in our culture yet we give our kids junk food and candy at every turn.

Kye’s in-between sizes and I def needed to tighten these shorts!

I think he missed out on quite a few eggs due to his falling down pants 😉

The Easter party started at 4 so Zach and Britt could only stay for a little bit as she had to get home for her nap. She wasn’t really into the whole party scene…as you can tell! Also excuse how horrible I look…you know when you have your hair professionally done how it’s full of hairspray? Yeah, I hadn’t washed mine yet!!!

Kye sharing his egg

It cheered her right up!!!

When they left Kye and I stayed another 30 min or so as he wanted to play!

That power balance bracelet gave him the strength to climb to the top of the ladder haha

It was a really nice event and we had a great time! I’m slowly getting to know our neighbors a little better and I hope that will eventually lead to some friendships. It’s tough since majority of our neighborhood is military and they move so often! While Kye was in the jump house I met a dad whose son is Kye’s age and they have a young baby too. We got to talking and I have a TON in common with his wife! She’s a Babywise mom too!!! Other Babywise mom’s are tough to find so I was pumped to meet her! We met but didn’t exchange numbers or anything and now I can’t even remember her name…hopefully we’ll reconnect at the next neighborhood gathering 😉

Kye had a wonderful time and it was the perfect pre-surgery event! I was BEYOND nervous that night and am thankful that he’s already so healed and everything that I never even think about surgery day anymore!


  1. Rachael_Copponex
    May 3, 2012 / 7:19 pm

    Oops… recently Macy has been getting gum (1/2 stick) for being good.  She hasn't swallowed it yet but I am worried about it going in her hair.  haha.

  2. Chelley
    May 4, 2012 / 3:54 am

    I agree about all the junk and candy that is EVERYWHERE all. the. time. UGH. They even serve cookies in Bible class sometimes. I personally think it's ridiculous. My child eats a good breakfast in the mornings (always!), and the class is only 45 minutes long! The last thing she needs is a cookie at 10:00am . . . pet peeve of mine :-).

  3. Crissymegow
    May 6, 2012 / 12:35 am

    I LOVE your hair pulled up, soooo pretty,,and as always nice cleav 🙂

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