Easter Morning 2015

I have a friend that posted pics of her family the day before Easter…they ask the Easter Bunny to come Saturday morning rather than Sunday morning. Does anyone else do this? Because it’s genius. Sunday mornings are always a rush anyway with church and Easter just adds an extra element to the mad dash! We stuck with the normal Sunday morning thing but I think the Saturday idea is SUCH a good one!

Growing up the Easter Bunny always put an egg in our Easter shoes πŸ™‚ The kids were excited to leave their shoes out and even Britt remembered that it’s something special the bunny does. I actually revolved all three of the kids Easter outfits based around Britt’s shoes. She told me months ago that they were the special shoes that the bunny was going to put an egg in! She was SO excited to wear them πŸ™‚

Tess doesn’t even wear shoes (I’m super anti-shoes before they can walk. What is the point of them!?!) But she liked participating in the tradition!

More interested in the shoe than the egg πŸ˜‰

Tess’s 1st Easter!

Lined up and ready to hunt for eggs!

Tess was cracking us up…she was being very much a “little sister” this morning!

Zach took this video of the kids hunting eggs while I kept Tess busy!

I was very proud of Kye and how he made sure to let his sisters find eggs too. 

And Britt cracks me up b/c she is terrible at finding things at home…like she always loses stuff and can’t find it. So she was glad to have Kye’s help!

Sidenote: Britt also busted them by throwing them too hard in her basket as she found them haha

Mom fail: letting the baby play with a blue dyed egg. Hello blue mouth and lips!

The Easter Bunny puts the kids baskets on the fireplace and I move them into the laundry room so they can’t see them until the egg hunt is finished. I’m not really sure how others do this but I know if they were sitting out when the kids woke up that they would be distracted trying to look for the hidden eggs rather than enjoying their baskets?

The Easter Bunny also gets one package of Peeps and splits it up between the kids so they have some sitting loosely in their baskets and they are allowed to eat them right then. Trust me: this is an EPIC moment for them ha!

Sorry Tess, no Peeps for you!

Every year I buy the kids new clothes for Easter. I like our whole family to be coordinated (shocker) and usually I have to buy myself something new to wear too. It adds up quickly in expense! This year I decided to have a personal goal of using things we all already owned. I found Britt’s dress with the tags still on it in her closet. Kye’s shirt also still had tags on it and Tess’s dress was Britt’s as a baby! The only item I bought this year for Easter outfits was the bow Tess is wearing! I only bought it b/c it was on clearance for $1.99 and I got an additional 30% off of that. Less than $2 total for all of our Easter outfits? Pretty awesome πŸ™‚ Dave Ramsey would be proud! And I was still really happy with how the looks all came together!!!

Usually on Easter we visit Zach’s family’s church but this year Kye really wanted to participate in the youth sing they had that morning. He had been practicing for the performance and I was also looking forward to seeing him. We went to our church that morning and I was shocked to learn that Britt was also singing. She NEVER told me! I literally had no idea!!! Zach took this video of it while I got pics. It was PRECIOUS. She was so, so proud and it was the first time I’ve ever seen her in any type of performance situation. She gets her performance skills from her mama. When I was in chorus in middle school I often just moved my lips and didn’t sing anything at all. She spends most of her time just looking sweet and not even attempting the song πŸ˜‰

I know you can’t really see her but I love her “I’m so cute” look. This is the look she does ALL the time around non-family. She’s got it on lock. During church services she will hug and kiss all of us then look at the people behind us and do this look bahaha

After Britt’s age was finished then Kye’s group came out. It’s crazy that he’s with the big kids now! He was so cute with his little buddies. I asked him later what they were whispering about and he said his friend Michael was asking him how my toe is doing haha! Kye ALWAYS asks people to pray for my foot issues, isn’t that so sweet? Zach also got this video of Kye’s performance.  Kye is our “loud and proud” singer. He must get it from the Parkers πŸ˜‰ I remember visiting their church for the first time and being a little taken back by how loudly they all sing haha. They should  have started up a family band like the Partridge Family. Kye practiced a lot at home and you can def hear him even in the crowd. He was so funny at home trying to sing all three parts for me πŸ˜‰ I truly can see him someday leading the congregation in songs!

We had a great start to our Easter! Following church we headed over to Zach’s grandmother’s house for our yearly family traditions of lunch and an egg hunt…more to come!

Just for fun you can also see Kye’s first Easter here (he was SO TINY) and Britt’s first one here! Sidenote: it’s super funny to me that at the time of Kye’s first Easter I knew when Levi’s birthday was?!? I have NO CLUE what his birthday is now. Sorry dogs, I have a hard enough time keeping all my kids straight! One more side note but I always think of Britt’s first Easter because it was the last legit holiday we celebrated with my mom. Thankful for those pictures and memories! 

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