Easter Morning 2013

Easter morning the bunny left lots of fun goodies in the kids baskets! And I’m thankful he didn’t leave them ANY candy!!! Me and the Easter Bunny are def friends 🙂

He also left their favorite Easter Egg in their Easter shoes!

Ready to HUNT!

Attempt at a picture of them lined up haha

Zach video taped the whole egg finding experience. I doubt any of you are interested in watching a 7 and 1/2 min long video of us (especially with Zach’s stuffy nose and the nice long portion of him going to get a baby wipe for Britt…) but if so HERE it is 😉 Basically Britt was totally happy with just having like 2 eggs (and did bust one open, thanks kid) and Kye pretty much found all the rest. Also the Easter Bunny was a little too good with the hiding so we had to do a lot of the “hot and cold” game with Kye. Next year we’ll have to have a limit that each kid is allowed to find!

Britt started off great by tripping over the cat hahaha

After egg hunting the kids came into the kitchen to open their basket of goodies!

Once Britt got her hands on the Ariel phone, she was oblivious to other gifts!

Intense conversations on the Buzz phone!

Still some awesome pink eye for me to get Easter started off right 😉

Easter morning is always tricky since it’s on a Sunday and we have church and all. We managed to somehow get it all done and deal with Britt on the potty and took pictures and made it to church on time 😉 We’re pros! 

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  1. Eydie
    May 20, 2013 / 8:07 pm

    I love the last picture! I just got over pink eye myself. It is no fun!

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