Easter Morning 2012

Easter morning I got up super early to go ahead and get ready for church so I could enjoy the morning with the kids. Both of our kids will typically sleep until 7:15 but of course Kye happened to wake up early needing to go potty! So we went ahead and started the fun. Why wait right? 😉

As a kid I remember setting out our church clothes the night before Easter and always finding an egg from the Easter Bunny in my shoe! Looks like he still does that 🙂

He was SO pumped to get started!

Britt’s shoes

I know it’s kinda blurry but I love how she even looks excited 🙂

Found her first Easter egg!

The Easter Bunny hid the eggs only in the living room so Britt and I watched while Kye hardcore hunted. Britt helped a little bit too but it was mostly Kye’s mission to find the eggs!

Daddy video taped the whole thing…you can watch it here.

Her hunting basket 🙂

(I get their baskets from Pottery Barn Kids…I LOVE them, but the hunting ones are not washable. Um annoying!!! If I’d known that before ordering Kye’s I probably would have gone somewhere else for them but now I like the kids to have coordinated ones, of course)

This cracked us UP! We told him we saw one on this table and he could not find it

We hinted for him to pick up the book and he still didn’t see it!!!

Doing an egg count

Daddy and Britt

Mommy and Kye

After the egg hunt I nursed Brittlynn and Kye ate breakfast then Zach took the kids to wait and I brought out the baskets. I LOVE having one boy and one girl, it’s so fun to see all the blue and boy toys and then have all the pink and girly things. Super fun! When I went to order Britt’s basket (also from Pottery Barn Kids) they only allow for 8 letters. I never had counted before but her name is actually NINE letters long. Whew…kinda a lot! I called them though and they were willing to make an exception andput her full name on everything 🙂 It never hurts to ask right? So glad I did!!!

Kye’s basket

Brittlynn’s basket

Lining up, youngest to oldest, to get their baskets!

She loved her little lamb puppet

Tearing it up!

I took over the video taping this time, here’s a video that’s super short haha

She was excited about her new teething toy!

I think this kid owns the entire Veggie Tales collection!

Looking through her new mermaid book

I love that the Easter Bunny focused on books for Britt, as it really is the PERFECT gift!


Brittlynn needs her own toy phone because Big Brother has like 10 of them but will for sure have sharing issues with them. He’s very protective of his phones!

Britt didn’t care much about the presents, she wanted the filling out of Kye’s basket

Annoying her big brother already 😉

This is the neatest thing! It’s a glass picture frame (which, duh, I won’t be using) with a bracelet and a penny in it for her to use on her wedding day.

It reads: Once upon a time a baby girl was born. This pearl and silver bracelet upon her wrist was worn. The years when by, the young girl grew. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. A lucky penny for her shoe… These treasures she’d recall with pride, when this woman became a bride. Keep these tiny treasures close to use the day you’ll cherish most!

The penny was from 2010 so I need to find a 2011 one so she’ll have her birth year for her big day someday…but isn’t this neat?!?! I LOVE sentimental type things, especially for a daughter. I feel like boys don’t really get into that kind of stuff the same way a girl does, ya know? Although for Zach’s first father’s day I got him some cuff links (remember?) that I’m hoping he’ll pass down to Kye when he becomes a father. I love generational gifts!

I couldn’t BELIEVE how quickly we got everything done. I was all worried about running late and we were done plenty early. But it’s always good to be ahead of the game. That way Kye had lots of time to enjoy his new toys before church! More Easter is up next 🙂

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  1. Michy
    May 10, 2012 / 11:35 am

    Hi,I linked to your site off of Kelly's Korner :)…and because our sites are titled so similarily!  Beautiful documentation of Easter…I wish I took more pictures of our day!  I have never watched Veggie Tales before and am previewing some DVDs…what age do you think they are intended for?  Are they for preschoolers or more like school age?Thanks!Michy

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