Easter at Church

Every year our church hosts a big egg hunt at member’s home in the area. Unfortunately, it’s always right after church services and we can’t ever go due to nap time conflicts. Sundays are already tricky enough, there’s NO WAY we can ever skip naps!!!

This year we had REALLY bad weather the day prior to the egg hunt so they decided to move the gathering to the church building rather than the original, outdoor, location. While I’m sure a lot of people were disappointed that it had to be moved inside…we were thankful because it meant we could actually go for a little while! We weren’t able to stay for the egg hunt portion but we got to eat lunch, visit with everyone, and Kye was even able to participate in a few of the games before we had to head home. 

Sweet Jesselynn tried to help me get a pic of Britt with the bunny

Child is so wild there was no way it was gonna happen haha

Ready for our picnic lunch!

I’m SO glad we were able to stay after for a little while. We all had a great time but it was especially so neat to watch Kye with his friends. It was the first time I’ve really seen him show more interest in friends over us. He has become buddies with Jack and kept asking us if Jack could come eat with us and he wanted to hurry up and eat so he could go play with Jack. I LOVE that our church has such a great program for the kids and that Kye is making such wonderful friendships!!!

I also love that I still have one child who would rather be with Mommy and Daddy than with anyone else 😉 Can I keep having babies forever please? 🙂

Zach teaches the teenagers class on Sunday mornings and he took this awesomely awkward photo haha

Kye even asked if he could leave our blanket and go sit with Jack and Jesselynn instead. Yup, he’s already ditching us for friends. The time is starting NOW huh?

They had lots of fun activities planned and Britt was finishing up eating so we let Kye participate in the first one…tug-of-war. The kids were all hilarious and I was proud of Kye for listening so well and waiting until Mrs. Debbie said “GO!”

Cheering on her brother!

Tell me she is not so adorable!!! Love that I got to re-use her birthday dress 🙂

Of course it’d rained like crazy all day Saturday and all morning Sunday but then was beautiful by Sunday afternoon! It’s been SUCH a cold year this year…but we were finally able to bust out some shorts and play outside 🙂 It was so gorgeous out and made me excited for summer!

Britt will sit at the door and beg to go out to play and the first thing she always says is “ball! ball!” Girl LOVES this pink ball!

She is in a BIG Daddy stage right now, she actually choses him over me!

We are so blessed to be part of such an amazing church family and I’m thankful it worked out where we could be there for the pre-Easter fun!

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