Downtown Decorations

I love that our church is located in Downtown Valdosta…it may not be Atlanta or some big city but it’s a cute little downtown area. They decorate it so pretty at Christmas and I thought it’d be fun to meet up with Robyn to get some pictures of the kids! It may not have gone exactly as how I envisioned it but here’s the pictures we captured:

on Santa’s sleigh

Lorelai wasn’t too thrilled

great pic of Robyn though!

All Kye wanted to do was hardcore play

great view 😉

isn’t the big sleigh cool?

Kye wanted to get down so he could run

heading to the big tree

“c’mon guys!”

it quickly became a game of how-many-ornaments-can-I-hit?

haven’t had a C.B.K (Crazy Boy Kye) pic in awhile

LL was pretty cautious

but she caught on 😉

scared of his reflection?

and loving hers

I know you’ve seen him in this outfit a couple times already…but it’s so cute and they grow out of things too quickly!

we attempted to let them run down a pretty pedestrian area of the town

Kye was more into playing on the drains (which btw totally scare me, glad my kid doesn’t have my stupid fears!)

“bye bye!”

The kids weren’t as fun as we had hoped but we hit up Chick-Fil-A for lunch after the photos and that was a much bigger success 🙂

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