Doggie Lovin’ #2

When I was taking pictures of Brittlynn for the nicknames post Sadie kept interrupting us. I think maybe she secretly reads the blog and was jealous about all of Levi’s pics with Britt in my first Doggie Lovin’ post??? So I thought it was only fair to give her some blog attention too 🙂 She IS our favorite dog (Levi, while we love him, is SO annoying. Ever sense we moved into our house his personality completely shifted and he drives us insane majority of the time). My high school boyfriend, Mark, actually bought her for me for our 6 month “anniversary” when we were dating. So she’s 11 years old now! I lived on my own when we got her and she kept me great company. I was SO thankful for her as I never felt alone, she has always been a great cuddler! When I went off to college Audrey, who is now married to my dad, kept her and then I got her back once I moved to Valdosta. She’s a really great dog. To have been through SO many changes she adapts well and would never hurt a fly, let alone our children. Her only real negatives are that we have to get her groomed (so annoying), she has to get her teeth cleaned about once a year (or she literally stinks CONSTANTLY, even after a fresh bath) and she’s mega afraid of storms (she’ll pant LOUDLY in your ear ALL night). Otherwise she’s the perfect dog…I have been known to say that I wish she was Levi’s age (we got him the summer after we got married so he’s only 5) and that Levi was her age as I won’t miss Levi as much when he passes as I will miss her. 

Here are some pictures of Brittlynn and Sadie! Oh and fyi she’s a shih-tzu. I know she doesn’t look like it…but we have always kept her shaven. It helps her stay cool and it’s much less annoying then dealing with having to brush her!


So cute 🙂

The face Britt is making here is my favorite!!!

I’m glad Sadie interrupted my picture taking so I could get some good pictures of her with Brittlynn. I know we won’t have Sadie with us for too many more years but I’m thankful for the time we do have with her and am glad my kids love her as much as I do!

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