Dig Day with Gramma

I got less than three hours of sleep last night (saw the Hunger Games premiere!) and am about to head out to Jacksonville with Kye, Robyn and Lorelai to see Veggie Tales Live so I thought this was a good day to play a little catch up on the blog 😉 

Mom’s main motivation for moving here was to be able to spend quality time with Kye (and now Britt too of course). She LOVES being a grandma and I love that when we are gone we know Kye is being so well cared for. Back in September I went to Vegas with Katie and Zach had a guys golf trip with his dad so Mom kept Kye. She took him to a local event in town called Dig Day where they had all kinds of tractors and fun boyish type things. She took these pictures on her camera and I got them from her back in December but never got around to posting them…here’s the fun Kye had with Gramma at Dig Day!

Colt was there too!

Bob the Builder (am I right?)

Lowe’s was even there with stuff for the kids to build

Also during that stay with her they took several walks down to our neighborhood play ground (Mom lives in our neighborhood, isn’t that nice?). Kye LOVES to swing and play and I know they had a great time together!

I’m thankful for the wonderful relationship Mom and Kye share and I know that she will be close to all of our children. Family really is what life is all about!

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  1. Mom/Gramma xoxo
    March 24, 2012 / 1:10 pm

    The happiest times of my life are those I spend with my sweet family!  Just like we talked about the other day.  Nana always said she felt so blessed to have her family around her.  Now I truly understand exactly how she felt!

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