Devan’s Wedding

On Saturday Nov. 13th, Zach and I had the privilege of attending Devan’s wedding! Devan was good friends with Zach’s sister, Casey, when they were growing up and I met her at Georgia Bible Camp the same week I actually got baptized. I have always really liked Devan and was so happy that we happened to be in town on the weekend of her wedding.

The ceremony was SO awesome. I loved the programs because they filled all the guests in on little things that we normally wouldn’t have a clue about such as: the “something old” was a handkerchief that Devan’s mom and grandma carried in their weddings and that it was monogrammed with all of their initials and wedding dates. Also that John Klimko (who goes to church with us!) married Devan’s parents 27 years ago (it was actually the first wedding he had ever done) and that he was marrying Devan and Taylor as well. Isn’t that awesome? I also loved that she had ivory flowers in her bouquet in memory of special people in their lives that have passed away and that they also had that information on the program. I just LOVE personal details like that!

And as far as personal details go…NOTHING can beat having both your brother and sister preform at your ceremony! Devan’s brother, Dane, sang and played guitar during the prelude (the song “Everything Else Disappears”) then BOTH Dane and their sister, Darby, sang “Hold you in my Arms” while Devan walked down the aisle! How special is that?!?! Darby also sang a beautiful solo (“The Air I Breathe”) during the unity candle lighting. Seriously seeing them sing (and play guitar and bongos) during their sisters wedding was probably one of the best moments at a ceremony I’ve ever seen! Why can’t any of mine or Zach’s siblings sing? haha! The whole thing was very moving and I even loved all the song choices and totally plan on downloading them.

After the ceremony we headed to the Country Club for the reception. I’ve never been to a reception there before but it didn’t disappoint. The food was AWESOME (which duh, we’re all about the food). They had limitless choices for yummy food and I actually, randomly, loved the shrimp and grits. I ate that junk up! We didn’t stay too long into the evening as we don’t drink so we don’t typically stay long at ANY reception but for the time we were there everything was beautiful and we loved it! Here’s some of my pictures from the night:

with some new friends Alayna and Aralee

(and my Metropolitan Mixed Chains Necklace)

 Zach always likes to get pictures with random people

 enjoying our date night!

 wasn’t she a BEAUTIFUL bride?!?!

 She used Javon as her photographer so it was fun to visit with Javon, Dawn, and Kristen!

Devan also rented a photo booth from Stellar Photo Booths and Zach and I had a blast being silly and getting pictures together! The best part is that they posted all the pictures on Facebook so I could get the full sized versions and not just the photo booth type photos we got that night.

what we’d look like if I was the tall one

 I also like that I could edit them and not use the ones I didn’t like 🙂

 dancing the night away!

It was a perfect evening and a beautiful wedding! I hope Devan and Taylor experience nothing but marital bliss as they embark on this new adventure together 🙂

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