Decorating Easter Eggs

After our lunch at the park our next “plan” for the day was to decorate Easter eggs. While I fed Britt at her 3:00 feeding Zach got everything set up, the eggs boiled and ready to go then he got Kye up and we got going! We have done this with Kye since his first Easter (how funny that we went down to the park that day too?!?!). I have always enjoyed decorating eggs. My favorite thing to do is color the eggs with crayons prior to dying them so that’s our little tradition 🙂 

Britt’s first time decorating!

She really loved holding it 🙂

Very serious

I got teased for not putting enough effort into mine…

While Zach made works of art out of his!

Wow Zach, we’re all SUPER impressed 😉

She watched from her bouncer most of the time

Cool trick Dad

After we colored them Kye put some stickers on one egg

I like for each of us to have our own egg each year…here’s Britt’s

(Zach’s counts as the one with the chick on it since it took him SO long to make it haha)


Kye’s special sticker egg

Finished product!!!

I usually LOVE to eat the Easter eggs after Easter…but not this year. Zach didn’t quite boil them long enough so they were a little too squishy for my liking. I know it’s not legit baby chicks that you’re eating since they aren’t fertilized eggs…but it still grosses me out sometimes to think about. Zach LOVES deviled eggs though so he made plenty of those 🙂 At least they got eaten! You can see our eggs from last year here! Btw…I love looking back at old posts to see how much Kye has changed, but sometimes I hate seeing how I have changed. I mean, duh, I look WAY better than I did at Kye’s first Easter (since he was like a month old) but compared to last year?!?! I need to go lay out more…I miss that tan for SURE!

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Decorating Easter Eggs

We kinda forgot about decorating eggs and luckily I remembered about it the day before Easter!!! Oops 🙂 It was more fun this year than last year and I know it’s one of those things that will only continue to be more fun each year (until he gets to the age where he thinks it’s “lame”…). Now that he’s getting older it’s so fun for me to look back at blog entries from his FIRST year (here’s the one about his first Easter…he was TINY!) Mom came over early that Saturday morning to help!

I know this is a lot of pictures of Kye coloring the eggs, but it made me laugh to see how many different ways he holds the crayon!

proud of his work

deep concentration

so pretty!

He was VERY focused on the coloring and stayed into it a lot longer than I expected

in charge of the actual dying part

coloring king and queen!

Gramma making her special egg

We went with the basic dye kit this year, nothing fancy needed

helping color

I was an official egg checker (I think Zach’s attention span was shorter than Kye’s with this project haha)

the kit even came with stickers, Kye was in HEAVEN!

His attention ended when he realized he can eat the eggs…then it’s all he wanted to do

end products!

I told him to hold up his egg and he just kept trying to put it in his mouth 😉

my egg 

(btw I’m wearing the Amanda necklace – love how you can layer it or where it long!)

Daddy’s egg

Blitzen’s egg (before he or she was called Blitzen…)

Kye’s egg (removed from mouth…)

and Gramma’s egg!

It was MUCH more fun than I had thought it would be and it was SO cute how much Kye enjoyed the eggs. When we’d eat them after Easter he’d say “bunny hides eggs.” He loved that they were special Easter Bunny eggs!

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