Daytona Trip: Day 3

Day 3 in Daytona started off great with another round of beach fun!

beautiful beach morning

ready to get sandy!

it looks like he’s signing to himself (probably saying “yeah yeah yeah” haha)

this face is PRICELESS

Lorelai is officially a BEACH GIRL!

Daddy always gets the cute moments (here’s a video of Daddy playing with Kye on the boogie board)…

Kye did GREAT playing with Lorelai (here’s a video to prove it!)…

…and random strangers (he “helped” these girls look for seashells for like an HOUR)

Matt caught a little crab and showed the kids! I don’t think Kye got it at all haha

I know my blog readers are sooo hardcore that you guys will totally call Robyn and me out so I might as well come clean! There are NO decent stores in Valdosta. Like none. So when you find a good deal you snatch it up…well Robyn and I BOTH happened to find a great deal! I went to Gap outlet and got a cute one piece for like $15 then Robyn went and saw my SAME one piece for like $5 so she couldn’t pass it up right? Even though we would match…that’s a STEAL! We knew we’d have to “take turns” wearing that suit, but what we didn’t realize before the trip was that while she was there that same day she also bought another one piece for like $25 and then I went back a couple weeks later and I happened to buy that same one piece on super-sale for like $5! So we had double matching bathing suits…how lame are we?!?! We organized it out on the trip so we wouldn’t be hardcore matching and just kinda hoped no one would notice, but I just can’t be sneaky with you guys 😉

I love me some sexy Zach on the beach 🙂

After the beach we all went to the rooms for lunch and naps. While the kids slept the guys let us girls go lay out for awhile and OF COURSE it would start storming during our laying out time. We raced back in and hoped it’d clear up by the time naps ended, but it didn’t. Luckily the hotel had an indoor pool because Kye wouldn’t survive cooped up in a hotel room all afternoon!

eating some lunch with Mommy

poolin’ it up

For dinner we opted to order some pizzas and just chill. Zach and I volunteered to pick up ice cream (3 nights in Daytona and 3 nights of ice cream…that was my kind of trip for sure!) for everyone and this time the kids enjoyed it much better. We did cups for them instead of cones and I think that made the difference!

another successful vacation day (I just LOVE a little kid in a too big t-shirt!)

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