Day with Dad

While we were up at Big Canoe I wasn’t sure how far away Dad was from us but I figured he must have been decently close. I called him when we first got up there and he offered to come spend the day with us on Wednesday! It was a GREAT way to break up the week and was so wonderful to get to spend some time together.

He arrived at 9:30 and played with Kye while I got ready. It was too cute when Kye took his little Bible over to Dad and had him read it. They had fun playing together! We went down the mountain and ate again at the same pizza place (and I had the BEST white pizza ever). When Kye napped, Dad and I looked over our house plans. We studied that junk for literally Kye’s entire nap!!! It was great to get his opinions on things. Zach and I really like to show people the plans as this is our first (and hopefully last) time ever doing this and we don’t want to miss anything or regret not doing something. Probably the best advice Dad offered was to put insulation between some of the bedrooms walls to cut out noise – like around the nursery for sure! Great idea, thanks Dad 🙂

After Kye’s nap we headed over to Dawsonville to check out the outlets again, and do a little more shopping than I was able to do the first time, and then Zach met us there and picked up Kye and I. It was fun to walk the outlets like the old days, although I think our wallets are a little tighter now 😉 

The biggest surprise of the day was how different Dad looked when he arrived – he’s grown out a goatee! SO random and shocking but by the end of our time together I honestly really liked it. I’m not typically a facial hair type person but I think he pulls it off, so I approve. 

Kye was amazed by it

So cute watching Grandpa!

a good one together

It was a really nice day and so great to spend time with Dad! I wish Zach and Audrey didn’t have to work so they could have joined us but hopefully we’ll get up their way again soon and we’ll have them be some of our first guests in the new house!

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